The foldable smartphones have been the talk of the tech streets for months now and the biggest smartphone maker has been the center of these talks. Resting all these talks, Samsung has finally uncovered its foldable smartphone with an announcement about the launch in a few months. The new Infinity Flex Display technology, as the company is calling it, will make the world’s first foldable hybrid gadget possible. Showing off its screen and revealing few features, the company gave a brief glimpse of the reportedly called Samsung X or Galaxy X at its developer conference. The tablet-sized Samsung foldable phone will be foldable enough to fit into the pocket.

The Major Highlights of the Device

Samsung foldable phone will be programmed to run three apps at a time using Samsung’s new feature called multi-active window. Justin Denison, SVP of mobile product marketing said that Samsung will start mass production of its new Infinity Flex Display in a “matter of months.”

multi-active window

Google is also working closely with the Galaxy series maker in its new venture pledging fully functional Android OS in the new foldable device reportedly known as Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung X. Google is guiding developers to alter the existing Android features as per a foldable environment.

Key Specs of Samsung Foldable Phone- Galaxy X

Samsung revealed a little display information about the device. The Infinity Flex Display will boast an average 420 ppi pixel density. Surprisingly, it is not the highest one out there.

The panel will have a 1536 x 2152 pixels of resolution when kept wide open, whereas it will have 840 x 1960 pixels of resolution when kept folded. The unfolded side of the tablet will have a big 7.3-inch display with 4.2:3 aspect ratio and it will turn into a 4.58-inch display (extremely pocket-friendly size) with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

The company has not revealed anything other than this information. We still don’t know about the price bar it will target or how apps will function in this device. Reportedly, Flipboard, the popular news app, has already started working on a version scripted especially for the foldable device Samsung X or Galaxy X.

Other Anticipated Foldable Displays

Samsung is not the only company coming up with this extraordinary breakthrough in the smartphone world. Huawei CEO has already announced a foldable device by mid of the next year 2019. Other than that, Lenovo and Xiaomi have already teased their own prototypes whereas LG has unveiled the making of flexible OLED panels for TVs and mobiles that will even roll into a box.

Another tech giant and owner of the Windows OS, Microsoft is already working on a multi-screen device. Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay has said that company will make the Surface devices like your babies that you can carry everywhere.