Recently, the world has been hit with a new pandemic caused by the new burden of Coronavirus COVID-19. The disease is highly infectious and can be spread through various surfaces and even air, when around infected people.

Samsung Stores and Samsung Service Centers are proposing the Galaxy Sanitizing Service. The service utilizes UV-C light to decontaminate smartphones for free amid concerns over the new coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. The service utilizes UV-C light, instead of severe cleaning chemicals that may harm devices, not only to disinfect smartphones, but also smart watches, wireless earbuds, and tablets, etc.

As the coronavirus pandemic circulates across the globe, companies are enabling stop the spread by restricting travel and enabling working from home. In all cases, a priority has been placed on personal hygiene to minimize the rate of transmission.

According to an advertisement establish on Samsung’s website, the appliances utilized for the Galaxy Sanitizing Service have been evaluated so that the UV-C light does not influence the performance of the smartphones being cleaned. The service may be benefited by anybody who visits one of Samsung’s stores or service centers where it is proposed and is also available for holders of non-Samsung devices.

The service only snatches 30 seconds when cleaning smartphones and 3 minutes for tablets and smartwatches. Samsung, however, does not ensure that the Galaxy Sanitizing Service will destroy all bacteria, germs, and viruses. However, people will gladly take it as one of the many accessible ways enabling to protect them from the coronavirus.

Your phone is possibly a breeding surface for all kinds of bacteria seeing as its the thing you possibly touch the most.

The service is nowadays accessible in select countries, namely Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, and Vietnam, etc. Samsung is furthermore continuously expanding it.

Samsung will soon broaden the service to Australia, Austria, Canada, Czechia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, etc.

The move from Samsung appears as a positive step from the public connections standpoint and a customer point of view. On one hand, the tech demon receives applause for its initiative while you as customers are better capable and less likely to be infected. Nowadays, smartphones have evolved essentially in one’s day to day life. We use it every day, periodically even for hours. So the extra precautionary measure is triviality but beneficial to users.

Disinfect your phones

An emergency physician at General Hospital instructed that the coronavirus may resist for between two hours and six days on surfaces like metal, glass or plastic. These are the materials used to build smartphones.

The co-founder of the travel vaccination service said that there has been no recorded case of coronavirus dispatch from surface-to-person contact, as it is believed to spread mostly through respiratory droplets. However, Dr. wrote in an email that it may be a good idea to wipe surfaces before using them.

Samsung, like the tread of the tech industry, has been considerably affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, also like other companies, it is attempting its best to assist fight back against the outbreak, with endeavors such as the Galaxy Sanitizing Service.

If you don’t have a Samsung phone or would rather keep up indoors at the moment. You can check out tips on how to take care of your own smartphone.