South Korea based tech giant Samsung has recently launched three new smart TVs in India. The new range which was launched includes one  ‘The Frame TV’ and two new Smart 7-in-1 TVs. And not only this, all of these products from Samsung will be available for sale exclusively in India’s biggest e-commerce websites, non-other than Flipkart and Amazon. Having said that the products will also be available on the official website of Samsung.

Price and Availability

The Samsung The Frame 55-inches TV is priced at Rs 1,19,999 and it will be available in Flipkart and also on the official website of Samsung and the sale will start on the 12th of August. Having said that the company is also offering the customers the no-cost EMI options which will start at Rs 4,999 per month.

On the other hand, the 32-inches Samsung Smart 7-in-1 TV is priced at Rs 22,500. The customers can buy it in Flipkart as it is available in the sale and also in the company’s official website. To make it easier for the buyers, the company is offering a no-cost EMI option which starts at Rs 999 per month. However, the buyers who opt to purchase it from the company’s official website will get in just Rs 17,990.

Features and Specifications

The Frame will be offering high-quality picture along with QLED technology which will instantly transform the TV  into a picture frame. The frame has the capability to show more than 1000 artworks all around the world. The QLED technology will help in providing vibrant colors along with perfect color contrasts as well as impeccable details and perfect color volume. The picture quality does not end here, the frame is also featured with the in-built motion as well as brightness sensors. When the users do not use it as a TV, the TV  operates in an Art Mode. The best part about the product is that the picture of the frame adjusts it in its own way as per the time of the day. For example, it adjusts its brightness level as per the environment.

Not only this but also the exclusive Smart 7-in-1 range of TVs from Samsung are featured with seven ultra-smart innovations. They are featured with the content guide which shows as well as recommend and pre-built video-on-demand apps such as Prime Video, Netflix as well as Zee5. They are equipped with certain features and they are music system, personal computer, screen monitoring, Home Cloud Live Cast and lots more. The features do not end here the smart TVs has a high-quality picture along with superior colors, contrast details, stunning details and elevating the TV experience of the users to the next level. Now let us have a look at each and every feature of the TVs.

The Frame: Lifestyle TV

Art Mode

The Frame provides to the smart TV even when it is turned off. When the users are watching the TV, so instead of keeping it as a black screen, the users can use it in the form of a picture frame which will display photos as well as artworks. Artworks can be in the form of film, canvas or in the form of papers.

Art Store

With the help of the Art Store,  the users can easily transform the TV into a picture frame as we have mentioned above. As there are more than 1000 artworks available, they can access the growing library from the renowned institutions of the world. They can do it by choosing an artwork individually by signing up for the membership for getting unlimited access.

QLED Technology

With the help of QLED technology, you can be able to watch the bright and vibrant colors along with impeccable details as well as exceptional contrasts. The Frame also provides 100% color volume which shows a realistic view no matter whether the screen is dark or bright. The TV is also featured with Quantum Dot technology as well as HDR 10+ which shows realistic pictures o the viewers.

Voice Assistants

The frame is so advanced that the users can talk to it. The Frame is connected with Bixby as well as Google Assistant which will make life much more easier. With the help of these two, you can be able to adjust volume, change channels and control playback and lots more.

Intelligent Sensors

The product is also featured with brightness as well as motion sensors. If the user is nearby to the TV, it will detect the presence and turn on the display artworks and whenever the user leaves the room, it will turn off the display artworks. How cool is that? Moreover, it can also detect the environment and adjust the brightness level and color volume.

Smart 7-in-1 TV features

Personal Computer

It will help in transforming the TV into a personal computer. This will help in creating documents from the clouds. Not only this but also the users can remotely access their laptops from any locations which are the best parts.

Music System

It also offers a virtual music system to the users by enabling in choosing from a library of skin with various color choices.

Live Cast

The TV also allows the customers to conduct live stream remotely from any location with the help of smartphone and internet connection.

Content Guide

Content Guide is an advanced feature which helps the users in finding the content to fit as per their choices. It not only shows the shows but also recommends the popular shows to the viewers.