Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the new Android flagship device from the South Korean tech giant and is currently one of the most popular flagships out there. Announced on February 20, the new smartphone from Samsung had all eyes on it since last year. But we are long known to the rivalry between Apple and Samsung and how can we not compare these flagship devices from both companies. So here we have a thorough analysis of Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Vs Apple iPhone XS Max: An Advanced Design in Both Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Vs Apple iPhone XS Max

Let’s take the design into consideration first. Samsung Galaxy S10+ features a design as expected in modern smartphones. Slim bezels, edge-to-edge display, and a premium finish add up to its beauty. The smartphone comes with a 6.4-inch OLED display with 3040 x 1440 pixel resolution. Leaving the notch design behind, there’s a hole punch-style cutout located at the top right side of the panel for selfie camera. Samsung calls it an Infinity-O display which has impressed given that Apple iPhone XS Max has a big notch on the top for front shooters.

But that doesn’t define S10+ a winner in the design and display both. Samsung has a great display with vibrant colors but so does Apple iPhone XS Max and with regular use, the notch actually blends in with the display. We should also count the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor a part of Samsung Galaxy S10+’s design. A neat work is done to place it under a beautiful display. But Samsung still couldn’t master a face unlock feature such as Face ID and believe us, when tested and compared, Face ID was faster than Samsung’s under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in unlocking the device. We are not saying it is not quick, but it is just not there with Apple’s Face ID.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Vs Apple iPhone XS Max: 3-Lens Camera Over 2-Lens Shooter

Samsung Galaxy S10+ features a triple-camera setup at the rear-end whereas iPhone XS Max comes with a dual camera. We know a similar setup of a telephoto lens, an ultra-wide angle lens, and a wide-angle lens will be in the mind of Apple for 2019 editions of iPhones. But for now, Samsung is winning the game. They will probably attract more customers just because of an extra lens at the back.

Wireless PowerShare: A Revolutionary Feature

Moreover, there is a new feature introduced in the Samsung device called “Wireless PowerShares”. It is arguably a revolutionary feature since it helps you charge other wireless Qi-based devices such as the Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Watch, and even Qi-based smartphones such as the iPhone. The feature is fast, responsive, and definitely an aid to those who use Qi-based smart gears. Apple is also rumored to bring the feature in the 2019 iPhone lineup to charge AirPods and certain other devices- but again- Samsung has an edge over Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Vs Apple iPhone XS Max: Who’s Better Performer?

To define user-interface, Samsung Galaxy S10+ has an updated One UI Android. First thing- it’s similar to the stock Android skin of Google Pixel devices, and second thing- it is quite fast and offers a system-wide dark mode. Again, Apple is rumored to bring this update in the iOS 13, so wait for it.

Talking about the internals, Galaxy S10+ is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset in the US and Chinese markets or its own Exynos chip in other global markets. Benchmarks have cleared that Samsung Galaxy S10+ is slower than Apple’s bionic chip-installed iPhone XS Max. But they are so fast in day-to-day usage, that you will hardly notice any difference in the performance whatsoever.