Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S10 have been indicating three different variants for months now. However, the latest news about the South Korean giant is suggested that we might be in for a fourth variant with six-camera sensors.

You heard that right, Samsung is ready to rule the multi-sensor camera devices. The fourth member of the Galaxy 10 family will have a 5G connectivity and a screen size somewhere around 6.7-inch. Notably, this will beat Apple’s iPhone XS Max that flaunts 6.5-inch display. The news is coming days after we found about two drilled holes in Galaxy S10’s display. While the rumors are suggesting the new Android flagship with might release with Exynos 9820 SoC in global markets, there are also speculations that company will release the device with next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC in the US market.

Samsung “Beyond X” with 5G Support

According to the reports from Wall Street Journal, people working in the development of the devices has cited that the largest Galaxy S10 is codenamed “Beyond X” internally. The sources said that the name implicates that the new model will be a 10th-anniversary smartphone from Samsung. This falls on the same ground when Apple iPhones turned 10 and they released iPhone X as the 10th-anniversary model. There are rumors about 5G connectivity from some previous reports from different resources, but it seems like 5G support will make it to the top-end model only.

Reports cited that the top-end Samsung Galaxy S10 model will feature a total of six camera sensors that will include four back and two front cameras. Samsung has recently released Galaxy A9 in India that supports a setup like that with quadruple sensors at the rear end. However, the mid-range Galaxy A9 came out without a dual camera set up at the front.

The smartphone giant might have plans of dropping the new 5G-enabled, feature-rich Galaxy S10 in the middle of February next year at an event. However, the model availability will be a subject to the 5G launch. The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung has been talking to T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon alongside the South Korean carriers but no visible developments have started so far. There are rumors about talks going on with Verizon, making the device only available to Verizon users at initial stage with 5G connectivity.

If this happens, that will be a good leap over rumored 5G-enable Apple iPhones of 2020. Intel is reportedly making 5G-enabled chips for Apple but the delay might cost heavy to the company.

Other Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants

Alongside this fourth variant, Samsung is reportedly releasing three other Galaxy S10 devices internally dubbed as “Beyond 0”, “Beyond 1″, and Beyond 2”. All these are rumored to have a minimum of three and maximum of five cameras in total. The biggest highlight that came in was Samsung’s plans over “reverse wireless charging”, letting users charge their wireless charging-enabled gadgets by their smartphone by just placing them together. If the rumors to be believed, this device might turn out a showstopper.

Notably, alongside Galaxy S10, Samsung also has plans to release the highly speculated first foldable smartphone. The company has also teased the new form factor by a name Infinity Flex Display.