As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be launched very soon, but Galaxy Note 9 is worth purchasing.  If you want to purchase a premium Android Phone under Note 9 deals, then Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best options. The phone comes in a bigger size as compared to its predecessors and is quite vibrant which make it look much more attractive. Note 9 Samsung consists of a powerful Android system as compared to the other Note 9 phones. This is the main reason which makes it very expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9- Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 costs Rs 61,499. You can purchase from various eCommerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart and even from the offline stores. Within this price range, it has lots of things to offer to its users which includes S Pen. It acts as a remote control. Now let us have a look at the new features of this phone.

Special Features of Note 9

S Pen acts as a remote control

S Pen is featured with Bluetooth connectivity. This helps the users in taking selfies, making presentations and lots more.

Strong battery

The battery quality of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is very good. It consists of a 4000 mAh battery which does not contain in any other Note range of Samsung. Note 8 has 3,300 mAh battery but as per the quality is concerned, there is no visible improvement as such.

Cooling System

Note 9 prevents itself from overheating as it has a water carbon fiber cooling system. This unique feature helps the phone in delivering a good performance.

Dual Camera

Samsung Note 9 comes with a dual-camera which is designed in such a way that it can instantly recognize more than 10 objects and adjust automatically to provide the best picture.

Now let us have a look on the full specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9


The design of Samsung Note 9 is very stylish and bold that it looks more vibrant and colorful as we have mentioned above. The Ocean Blue version comes with a yellow colored S Pen. On the other hand, the rich Lavender Purple version looks a bit attractive than the Ocean Blue model.

Few days after the launch of Galaxy Note 9, the brand has officially announced about its other colored versions such as Midnight Black as well as Cloud Silver versions.

However, as per the difference is concerned between Note 8 and Note 9, there is not much difference between both. Note 9 is a little heavier than its predecessor. The only change that we found is its fingerprint sensor.


As per the display, it stays ahead of others. The display of Note 9 Samsung is really very stunning. If you are a Note 8 user, you may know that it consists of quad-HD resolution in Super AMOLED panel. The same feature is present in Note 9. But the screen of Note 9 is just amazing as it comes with OLED feature along with vibrant colors. The OLED panels in the phone beat the LED screens in terms of brightness. It provides 224% of sRGB color gamut which helps in providing the realistic picture.

S Pen

The feature of S Pen is incredible than its previous versions of the Note. As we mentioned above, it has Bluetooth connectivity in it through which it can work as a remote control. You can even customize and now the app developers which belong from the third party will have access to this. The long-press button contained in it will help you in opening any applications. Not only this but you can also be able to note down anything while the screen is off.

Camera Quality

The rear camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is of 12MP along with dual-lens shooter. This feature helps in capturing the pictures in portrait mode in blurred effects in the background. It also contains a dual aperture which opens up automatically for a vibrant low light image depending on the environment. It also has the in-built AI in the software of the camera which makes it different than the other Note range.

The camera is efficient enough in recognizing 20 different scenes such as food, snow, beach, sunset as well as blacklight and adjusts the setting as per the requirements such as contrast, saturation, brightness. All these things we generally adjust manually.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is featured with a 4000 mAh battery. The quality of the battery is very good and it will last longer in just a single charge per day.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with Snapdragon 845 processor. It has 6GB RAM but also offers 128 GB of internal storage to its users. But if the users want to more storage then they can opt for the Note 9 which comes with 8GB RAM along with 512GB of internal storage. The brand claims that it provides water carbon fiber cooling system which will prevent the phone from overheating and ultimately provides faster performance than the other phones. It also consists of a 3x bigger thermal spreader which is specifically made for cooling the device. 


The brand is best known because of its creativity when we talk about Galaxy ranges. Starting from the display, battery, and designs, they did not disappoint the users. If you are looking for the phone which provides high performance, Note 9 is definitely the best option for you.