As per reports, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold is now up for VIP pre-orders in South Korea, which is the home market of Samsung. Sources said that the VIP pre-sale includes only around 165 Samsung Galaxy Fold sets which are now up for the customers in the market. Not only this but also these 165 Galaxy Fold units are available on more than 11 Samsung Digital Plaza stores and that too for the VIP customers for choosing colour combinations and then try it out for the very first time. All the customers who are willing to the pre-order will be getting a Montblanc case along with it for free. The reports further stated that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will start work for shipping from September 11 onwards.

Sources said that the VIP customers of Samsung will need to pay the entire price of the smartphone. In short, the pre-sale price of Samsung Galaxy Fold is KRW 2,398,999 which is approx Rs 1,43,000 in Indian currency. The customers who purchase this phone, the brand will ship the product for them from September 11. As per the reports, the pre-sale which is available only for the 11 stores nationwide include Samsung Digital Plaza Gangnum Head Office, Hongdae, Daechi, Middle East as well as Gangseo Headquarters. It has been stated that the 10 Samsung Galaxy Fold units are already been pre-booked through at least one Samsung Digital Plaza.

Not only this but also the VIP pre-sale will be allowing their customers to customize their Samsung Galaxy Fold and then let them decide their desired colours, initials as well as various other design detail tweaks. The reports also state that the formal launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold will be taking place on September 6 in South Korea upon which the regular pre-order will start from September 16.

It was the first time that the South Korean company has revealed the Samsung Galaxy Fold, albeit vaguely by saying, “With a 5G ready option in select countries, consumers will be able to unfold the future on the fastest network speeds available.”

Now let us have a look at the overview of the phone.


The South Korean company thinks that the Galaxy Fold has the most intuitive form factor for a foldable phone which has certain features including screen folding for providing protection similar to the laptop. This is the only phone which has been taking years in making as well as has gone through 1000 prototypes.

The Samsung Galaxy fold has a book-like folding action which does not feel like a natural way in opening the handset and it is certainly easier in getting to grips than the Huawei Mate X- Huawei which has the opposite design to that of Samsung in terms of screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be featured with the 7.3-inches of the display as well as the 20-part of dual-axis hinge locks into place. This will prevent the phone from the overextending the display past 180 degrees.

When you fold it up back, the phone will shut along with with a sooting sound which gives the confidence that it will not accidentally unfurl itself.

The brand has worked a lot to work on the dual-axis hinge which gives it a tactile feel along with a smooth movement between its two states. It feels sturdy and is capable of surviving repeated unfolding and folding. The hinge disappears into the body of each half of the phone when it gets opened.

The fingerprint sensor is situated on the right edge of the lower half of the phone when it is closed. This falls nicely under the finger or thumb and also remains in that position when you unfold the phone.

Right above the digit reader, there is power/lock as well as volume key which is in the easy to reach position. On the base, you will be getting a USB-C port on one half of the bottom frame and a speaker on the other half. But there is no headphone jack.

There are two speakers, the second speaker is situated on the top edge of the phone which provides stereo tuned sound by AKG as well as boast Dolby Atmos support.

The stylish Samsung Galaxy Fold is also a bit heavy which measures 62.9 * 160.9 * 17mm. This makes the phone double the measure of other smartphones meaning it is not possible to slide itself in the pockets when you are wearing a skin fit jeans.

The weight of the phone is 269g which makes this device heaviest in the market till date. The phone will be available in various colour options such as Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Astro Blue as well as Martian Greem with the blue and green variants exclusive in the official website of Samsung.

The phone comes with two screens with 4.6-inch HD + Super AMOLED display on the front which feel a bit small as per today’s standard where most of the phones are coming with the minimum screen size of 5-inches.

Apart from the launch news, there are also some reports which state that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will also be making an appearance in IFA 2019 which will be held in Berlin this time.