Samsung is getting really creative in terms of marketing. This is not like the earlier events where the high-end phones such as the Galaxy Note 10 which was in the headline. It has put its complete focus on the software as well as its platform for the keynote presentation. Having said that, it does not mean that the South Korean based company has not disclosed anything related to its hardware. We hope you know that in the Samsung Developer Conference 2018, the brand has showcased its first Samsung Galaxy Fold. Similarly, Samsung has discussed various methods through which it will help the developers in introducing creative as well as more powerful consumer experiences all across the world.

Samsung’s Vision

The main mission, as well as the vision, is its goal for the upcoming generation of smartphones as well as connected living which provides motivation to developers, consumers as well as entrepreneurs with the help of practical experiences with the smart devices they depend on in the day to day basis. DJ Koh, The President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division of Samsung Electronics said, “We are fortunate to work with the best developers and designers of the world. Together we have built an extensive and secure ecosystem of devices and services.” He further said, “We continue to make progress toward our vision to be the innovator of new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously wherever we go.”

Samsung teased foldable design of the Galaxy Fold

We will also tell the other announcements which were made by Samsung in the Samsung Developer Conference, but first, let us have a look at the biggest announcement where it has revealed a new clamshell foldable phone design which we expect could be the future of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the particular video which Samsung displayed shown the transition from the old Fold design to the new design. The design is the replica of Samsung Galaxy S style standard which is folded top to bottom.

Samsung’s TV OS, Tizen TV is now up to the third party TV makers

The brand also announced that it is planning to open its very first smart TV platform, Tizen TV to the third-party makers. Sang Kim, the Global Head of Smart TV Business Development said during the keynote, “With Tizen, the consumers can stream content from hundreds of apps. For the first time, we are going to make the Tizen TV OS available to other manufacturers.” As per him, more than 100 million TVs is now supporting Tizen and it could even raise the flow of manufacturers as most of the brands are moving towards smart platforms. Not only this but also it can even increase the user base of Bixby and this is going to be the main goal of Samsung Electronics. But apart from this Samsung is not offering any additional details.

Providing opportunities for Developers

The main goal of Samsung Electronics is helping the consumers in finding new ways through which Bixby can function with the developers through which they can get all the things done easily as well as instantly. As we all know that the brand has launched the Bixby Marketplace at the beginning of 2019 which is helping all the developers for introducing their innovations to the millions of Bixby users. Now to make all the things easier for the designers on its AI platform, the brand has revealed its enhanced capabilities in the Bixby Developer Studio at the event.

Samsung has introduced the new Bixby templates for making it easier for the developers to create the capsules which already existed. Apart from this, the enhanced Bixby views help in enabling the designers to design innovative designs from smartphones to other smart devices such as tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, etc. Not only this but they can also register their capsules based on the Natural Language Categories for getting the easy access.

Now for helping the developers building on as well as integrating existing devices along with the SmartThings platform, the brand has introduced brand new capabilities for the developers. Samsung is planning to launch the SmartThings Device SDK Beta program in 2020. This program will help more third party marketers in creating SmartThings compatible devices. They also have disclosed the new rules based on API which will help in transforming normal lives to smart lives for reflecting individual daily routines around a wide range of SmartThings devices. The branding is openly inviting the developers to participate in this chain which in turn supports the developer community along with various other incentive programs such as the Samsung Mobile Design Competition, Best of Galaxy Store Award, Bixby DevJam as well as the Samsung Mobile Security Reward program.

Apart from all these announcements, the brand is planning to come up the 5G enabled devices, loT and AI for creating new ways to the developers.