RIP Touch ID: No Touch ID in All Future iPhones

Apple has Killed the Touch ID

Even in the best case scenario, we know that we cannot have everything at once. Some old things have to go to make way for new technologies. But sometimes the death of some so-called old technologies to take us by surprise. Such is this news of the touchID dying so soon. Apple is all set to make it’s phone completely button free. While the one plus series pushed the button to the back iPhone is eager to throw the fingerprint sensor out of the phone altogether.

As predicted iPhone released 3 models in the year 2018. iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr each with increased screen sizes and some unique special features. One major change we saw in these phones was the absence of the fingerprint scanner or the touchID and entry to the buttonless era.

Yes, you got that right iPhone has done away with the touchID and is now dependent on face recognition instead. While this change in iPhone was taken with surprise we did find a few eager heads ready to challenge this concept. People tried twin locking tests, creating replicas of the human face one case registered that a mother-son duo could also bypass this ID. It’s is very obvious to expect such reactions as the touchID wasn’t restricted to unlocking the phone but also came into the picture for using iTunes store App Store and other purchases. But now all this is the talk of past. Now FaceID is the future to look forward to.

The main motive towards bringing Face id was ease of access and not security. Of course, it brought improvements on the security front owing to the grid of 30k infrared lights that are projected on the face this making a detailed face map of your face. Flood illuminator is used for projecting infrared light on your face to help camera detect efficiently in low light scenarios. The camera reads the dots projected on your face and the data is collated to detect your face. Having said this, the moment when the senior vice president of software engineering of Apple, Craig Federiighi failed to unlock the phone in the first attempt using the Face ID in the launch event of iPhone X must’ve made touchID laugh and cry at the same time.

This change though isn’t going to be implemented on the earlier models and on iPads. So this feature hasn’t exactly become extinct yet. But this is the way ahead for Apple is definitely a buttonless device and we definitely look forward to it.