The international music streaming platform has turned up the volume in India since the past decades. Within less than three weeks after Spotify has launched its app in India, Google-owned to Youtube Music which has made its entry in the country on March 12. All of the sudden the Indian mobile users are flooded highly with plenty of music streaming apps and its has been just confined to Gaana, Jio Saavn, and Amazon Prime music a few months back and now Youtube and Spotify can also be considered for the same. As per the reports, Spotify has recently claimed that it will be gardened over 1 million users in the country and Youtube is by far the largest streaming platform among all of them, with over 1 billion users logged in all across the globe.

As per the reports, the recent launch of Spotify and Youtube music in the country have spurred up with the new war in the industry of Indian music streaming all over a long time. Spotify has been among one of the most awaited services since long time years. While already we all have our own Jio Saavn, Gaana, and Wynk, which is the latest service that will disrupt the music scenario. While Spotify has huge popularity in the Indian market all over the country, Youtube is also one of the most popular videos streaming platform. Jio Saavn has also become one of the most popular music streaming app or platform in India. As well know that Spotify is the most subscribed music streaming platform in the world and on the other hand, Youtube is the most popular and widely used platform for streaming music.

Now, let us compare these services or platform which will clear you about which are best to use: Youtube music vs Jio Saavn vs Spotify as below:

Youtube music vs Jio Saavn vs Spotify


India is a diverse country with a wide variety of languages therefore for music streaming company operating in India, it is very much important for it to have most of the songs available in different regional languages. The international music only has a handful of takers which results in better outcomes. In Jio Saavn there are 15 languages available for the users, in Spotify around 7 languages and Youtube music mainly all languages.

Free features

As Indians love free things are it a data or movies or music, we Indians prefers to use things in free. Therefore, it is really important to see whether all the features that are available with these music streaming platforms are free versions or not. The YouTube music has all tracks available for free with ads, in Spotify, all tracks are available with ads after every sixth song and in Jio Saavn all tracks and lyrics are available with ads.

Paid features

If the user is getting a paid version, there are tons of features additionally available and all these three services curate the playlist for the users having no ads and recommended playlist. In Youtube music, there are unlimited ad-free tracks, full range of curated playlist, download songs offline option, unlimited radio, etc. In Jio Saavn, there are unlimited ad-free tracks, download songs offline and HD audio feature. Whereas in Spotify, there are unlimited ad-free tracks, unlimited skips, full range of curated playlist.

Music collection

This is another most important factor which is the music collection. Youtube music and Saavn have a huge composition with the library that consists of both Indians and international artists; Spotify still requires picking up in terms of regional music. In Jio Saavn around 45 million music collection is available, in YouTube music it will support all songs from YouTube and Spotify have 40 million+ music available with them.

Music quality

Music streaming quality plays a crucial role in playback performance and better bitrate offers better sound quality with HD quality audio. Therefore, users can only enjoy higher bitrate in paid versions of each of the service. In Jio Saavn the music streaming quality is 320 kbps and 160 kbps, whereas in Spotify is 320 kbps, 96 kbps, 160 kbps, and YouTube cannot be specifically specified.

Offline downloads

All of these three music streaming platforms offer offline downloads in the paid version, where Jio Saavn offers unlimited downloads and Youtube music and Spotify, on the other hand, comes with 50,000 offline download cap. In Jio Saavn user can download unlimited music in offline mode, whereas in Youtube music and Spotify around 50,000 can be offline downloaded by the user.


As we all know the music market in India is quite huge and the languages being the greatest and the most common barriers for the international players, therefore Jio Saavn has done the pretty god job in curating music from different parts of India. Youtube, on the other hand, has to access to almost every language with its video streaming platform backing in it. And Spotify may find it difficult to make their space in this platform initially.