Online Shopping apps in India

Online shopping is nothing new in the current era. Almost everything we can think of can be bought and sold on the internet. However, while buying clothes and other accessories online, one does not only look for affordable clothes but also a good quality of whatever is bought. Online Shopping apps is way beyond convenience. You get access to various styles and brands you did not have access to in local stores. Online Shopping Apps enables you to own all those styles you have been dreaming of. Local stores do not stock in those styles which you have been admiring when models and celebrities carried them. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that online shopping introduced and gave access to various styles. 

Isn’t it charming to get your favorite styles at much cheaper rates than the actual rates? Sure it is! Club factory was one such online shopping apps which provided assorted styles to choose from. What fascinated most of the consumers was the prices, which were extremely less than the style of that kind usually costs. However, the quality of those products has been arguable most of the time. But, netizens made pace that the quality they got was what they should be expecting for the cheap rates the app offered.

This is why the app continued to be loved by most of them. However, after the government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps, including Club factory, in order to safeguard the country’s integrity, people who loved club factory are undoubtedly in search of reliable replacements for the online shopping app. The following are a few options that can be considered.


Online Shopping apps- Myntra

Myntra too, is widely used throughout the nation. What puts the app on the top of every other online shopping app is its quality. Myntra has a variety of products from about 17 top brands. Whether you are looking for ethnics, western wear, casuals, party wear, wedding outfits, and accessories to complement the same, you can find all of them under a single platform. Apart from these, myntra provides a range of home decor products, including bedsheets, room decor, bathroom & kitchen essentials, etc. Myntra has made it up to one of the top online shopping apps in India.

There is way more to explore. The following points might be of some help to depict the same:

  • Myntra sells fashion products from about 17 top brands. The app has trendy, as well as ethnic styles to choose from. Whether you need casual college wear or need to rock a party, myntra has products suitable for almost all occasions.
  • Some of you might find myntra to have a bit expensive products. Honestly, if compared to the club factory, yes, the prices are higher. However, myntra provides you with top quality products, so you do not regret spending money. The product quality is much more promising than those provided on the club factory. Also, there are sales and other discounts almost every time. You can make use of them to buy your favorite styles at affordable prices.
  • The app provides a 30-day convenient return policy for most of the products. However, the return policy might differ for some specific products. The product description on the app for each product is detailed and helpful.
  • You can also avail the ‘try and buy’ option on some styles. 


Online Shopping apps- Snapdeal

The app deals with around 10-12 latest brands. Snapdeal provides clothes, gadgets, accessories, home essentials, etc. at affordable prices. The low prices for the best quality and styles tend to appeal to the customers.

Following are some reliable features of the app:

  • The app provides a variety of men’s, kids, and women’s fashion wear range. You can choose among your favorite styles, irrespective of your gender and age.
  • Buying new gadgets is not an easy decision to make as it tends to leave a hole in your pocket. But, snapdeal allows you to shop from the latest range of smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets at affordable prices.
  • You can return any product that fails to satisfy you and meet your expectation under the 7-day return policy provided by snapdeal.
  • The app does not put much load on you by charging heavy shipping charges. Instead, the app provides free shipping in most of the cities in India and charges a subtle amount for others. This varies as per the area you live in.
  • The app will keep you engaged with exciting offers and deals. These offers entitle you to shop your favorites at much-lowered prices.
  • The app has a secure payment gateway. 


Online Shopping apps- Shopclues

Shopclues commits to provide with all your essentials from something as small as a bulb to your favorite fashion styles, accessories, and gadgets. Well, shopclues can rightly be termed as a single platform for all your needs from a needle to the latest gadgets you need.

Consider the following points for the app:

  • Shopclues offers a wide range of products at meager prices. Whether you buy fashion items, gadgets, or any other items, the app offers fantastic deals on all of them.
  • In case you did not find the product to be up to the mark, you can make use of their return policy and return the product without much hassle.
  • The app has a variety of styles for both men and women. Apart from this, they provide you with home essentials, home decor, and gadgets at lower prices than usual.


Although the government has banned the club factory, which was a reliable shopping platform for many users in India, this does not put an end to your online shopping experience. Online shopping is easy, convenient, and entitles you to several options. This is why customers have been preferring to shop online rather than walking to the local stores. This saves time as well as some extra bucks. The above list would help all shopping freaks to find a reliable Indian app as a replacement to the Chinese app club factory.