PUBG INDIA Series 2020

Register yourself for PUBG India series 2020 and grab a chance to win the Grand prize pool of getting Rs. 50, 00,000. The registrations are live on the official site of PUBG MOBILE INDIA. Registrations will be till 17th May 2020.

Let us see how you can get register for this new series.

Criteria for Qualification:

Every team will be given 15 matches, and the best 10 matches tally will be considered for the qualification. A total of 256 teams will apply to online qualifiers. The further breakup is 248 teams will be selected from inline qualifiers and 8 teams will be direct entries. Those 8 will have to prove themselves by 2 matches with winning edge and to grab the top 3 slots for quarter-finals eligibility.

Quarter Final Eligibility:

Top 48 Teams will be there in the Quarterfinals. But additionally, 16 teams will be added. Out of 16, eight teams will be from online qualifiers toppers from earlier round and 8 will be direct invites.32 teams will be advance to the Semi-finals and 16 teams will lead for the final. The final round will be of 18 matches to become the grand prize pool winner.


On 7th May 2020, a new version of PUBG Mobile is releasing. It will be equipped with new exciting features like P90 guns and Miramar Map or mad Miramar.
The players will have to face sudden thunderstorms etc. situations and will demolish many structures, to make it more challenging for playmates. The Map is an interactive dual scope mode.

Additionally, two new modes will likewise advance into the game.

Those are Jungle Adventure in Sanhok and Blue hole Mode. The two modes will be made open in the EvoGround portion. In the Jungle Adventure mode, players ought to find out of date totems to gather their ability while at the same time doing fighting it out with various players to win the chicken dinner. However, the Blue hole Mode is set inside the Evangel map and will have two Blue zones, one inside the shielded zone and the other one outside.
This is like the Erangel map accessible on PUBG PC.
The new Safety Scramble Mode is supposedly another EvoGround mode, though; subtleties on the new Jungle Adventure Guide Mode are not promptly accessible starting at now.

In the beta update, there is another blue zone inside the sheltered zone. Players need to avoid this blue zone, much the same as the external one as the new circle likewise bargains harm to the players. This component is as of now present in the PC partner of the game.

Likewise, Miramar 2.0 will carry another dashing slope alongside another Golden Mirado vehicle and candy machines that will administer painkillers and medkits. It will likewise have another zone called Water City.

Other revealed changes will incorporate the expansion of another degree for the Win94 firearm, another preparation mode, and a patched-up results screen. There is no sign concerning when the organization will commence the game’s Season 13.

The New Exciting Modes:

The new Arctic mode is accessible inside the EvoGround area. To accept the mode, players need to restart the game by methods for their respective App Stores.
Ice Mode is located in the Vikendi map and will re-examine the player’s abilities of perseverance. The standard target of this new model is to maintain up the internal heat level and continue the cold tempests.

The body temperatures of the players will be the key area to the lookout. Sudden thunders will keep them freezing or cool. They need to find or manage their resources to heat fires or locating shelters; at the same time, prevent their resources to get robbed by competitors in this mode.