As we all know Redmi Note 8 is going to be the next budget which is to be launched by Xiaomi. Redmi Note 8 is basically the successor of this year’s Redmi Note 7. Recently the smartphone has been seen on the basis of the leaked render. The render is basically based on the model which Lu Weibing, the General Manager of  Redmi has uploaded a teaser video. In the particular video, it was highlighted that the quad-camera phone of Xiaomi is going to be featured with 64 megapixels of the primary sensor. The video teaser was uploaded by Lu Weibing on Weibo which is a Chinese blog portal. It has been said that it is going to be Redmi’s first-ever smartphone which will be featuring 64 MP rear camera. Various other phones which are to be featured with 64 MP camera are by the brands Samsung as well as Realme. Apart from that the Redmi Note 8 has visited the China Compulsory Certification. This is commonly known as China’s 3C body with the model number M1906G7T as well as M1906G7E. The upcoming feature phone by Xiaomi is known to be speculated with the MediaTek Helio G90T SoC. This is already announced at the end of last month.

As we have already mentioned above Lu Weibing has already posted the video teaser through his official Weibo account on Thursday. In the video teaser, it was showcased the Redmi Note 8 smartphone will be featuring a quad rear camera which will come with a 64-megapixel primary sensor. The executive of the Redmi said that the smartphone has undergone a mass production a month ago. The phone which was shown in the video teaser consists of three vertically-placed camera sensors as well as a fourth sensor which was positioned right next to the triple camera set up.

Apart from releasing the video teaser and taking the name of mass production, Lu Weibing did not specifically confirm that the particular phone will be the Redmi Note 8. In few of his previous posts, he recollects the collection of Redmi Note 7 because of its 48 megapixel AI camera. This ultimately gives a hint at the launch of the Redmi Note 8.

Along with the official confirmation about the Redmi Note 8, the render which was based on the video by Weibing has spread online. The render has been shared by MyDriver which implies that the smartphone has premium finish and comes with the same quad camera set up which was exactly shown in the teaser video shared by Weibing.

A report by Playfuldroid which is basically the database of China’s 3C  has included two new smartphone models which have the model number M1906G7E as well as M1906G7T. Both these phones are featured with an 18W charger are reported to make a debut as the variant of Redmi Note 8. Not only this but also, these two new models of smartphones may come with the octa-core MediaTek Helio G90TSoC. This was already been announced last month.

Manu Kumar Jain who is the Chief of Xiaomi India has already confirmed a few days ago that a Redmi gaming phone will be arriving soon which will come with the MediaTekG90T SoC. But as per the video teaser, nothing has been made official around the features of Redmi Note 8 that it will be featuring new MediaTek chipset.

 At the beginning of this month. Lu Weibing, the General Manager of Redmi officially announced about the making of the Redmi Note 8 but he did not mention any details about this particular smartphone. Having said that a smartphone which has the model number M1906GT was also been spotted on the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Now before we go through the specification of Redmi Note 8, it is important to note that the upcoming smartphone has some tough thing to fill. Its predecessor, Redmi Note 7 was one of the best selling smartphones by the company, not just in performance but also in terms of price. Now based on the features of Redmi Note 7 we have shortlisted some of the similarities between Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 7.

64MP Quad Camera

There is no perfect evidence whether the phone will be featured with 64mp quad camera. But the video which has been posted by Weibing was showcasing the 64MP quad-camera phone in mass production. It will be the upgrade of 48MP AI camera of Redmi Note 7.

MediaTek G90T

The phone will be featuring the latest MediaTek G90T processor which will make the gaming experience seamless and smoother. The chipmaker has said that the engine will be offering 50 percent faster response than the other competitors.

18W charger

The smartphone will be featured with an 18W charger which means it will be having a fast charging mode and the users need not have to wait for long for the charge getting completed.

The recent 3C revelations also include M1908C3IE as well as M1908C3IC which are likely to be related to the new entry-level smartphone.