Redmi Note 8 is all set to launch and as per the reports, it will be a more powerful device than its competitors. This statement was officially declared by non-other than Lu Weibing, the Redmi Chief at Xiaomi in a response to a Wibo post. Earlier an unknown Redmi phone which had a model name of M1906GT has been spotted allegedly on a certification site. There are no such reports about the phone it was. It was known to be a 64-megapixel smartphone from Redmi that is expected to be revealed in this week itself. It may also be the gaming smartphone which is powered by MediaTek’s new Helio G90T SoC.

As per the IT home reports from a Chinese Publication, the General Manager of Redmi, Lu Weibing in response to the Weibo post announced that its upcoming phone Redmi Note 8 is still under the developmental procedure and he further claimed that it will be more powerful than any other smartphones of this range. But it is still unknown whether the smartphone will be powered by MediaTek Helio G90T SoC. Earlier, Xiaomi announced that it is going to build a gaming smartphone which will be powered by MediaTek SoC. As per the reports, it may also be the first 64-megapixel smartphone from Redmi. The details of this phone are to be announced further.

Not only this but also a report by MyDrivers, an unknown Redmi phone with a model number M1906GT was listed on the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). However, the listing has not clearly revealed which phone it is. But many tech experts are saying that it is a Redmi gaming phone which comes with  64 megapixels or even it might be Redmi Note 8. Having said that, there is no such clear evidence about this phone so far.

As we have mentioned above Redmi has already released a teaser of its upcoming 64-megapixels smartphone. And along with the new poster, few other details are being revealed such as the size of the photos as well as the photo resolution. As per the teaser, it is being said that the upcoming Xiaomi phone will be having a quad-camera setup along with the main sensor being the 64 megapixels. The details were revealed just after the sub-brand of Xiaomi shared a picture clicked by the 64-megapixel sensor. In the picture, it was seen to be highlighting the clarity of the picture. Not only this but also there was no such visible loss in the quality of photo when the picture was zoomed.

The teaser was actually released in Weibo where it was announced that a 64 megapixels phone is going to be launched soon in China. The phone will be featured with four rear cameras on the backside of the phone. The company has further revealed that the photo clicked by the 64 megapixels camera will be up to 20MB in size. By this, it clearly means that the photo which will be clicked by the Redmi Note 8 will be much more advanced than that of 8K TV. The Redmi further said, they will be making it the very first smartphone which will be offering an ultra-high resolution. But there is a twist in the teaser as the brand has not revealed the name of the phone in the teaser. Moreover, it has also not announced any specific launch date as such. The company has just said that the phone will be launched ‘soon’.

 As we already mentioned the teaser was released just after a day when its sub-brand uploaded a photo sample of its upcoming phone.

The most shocking part is that Xiaomi is rumored in using ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. This sensor is mainly used by Samsung and the fact was announced earlier this year. Having said that there is no such official announcement by the company this year. But if the brand does not use Samsung’s sensor, then the upcoming smartphone from Redmi will only be able to produce a 16 megapixels photo in low light conditions. It will do this by merging four pixels into on with the help of its Tetracell Technology. Not only this but also the camera fitter may differ its color filter for offering full-size  64-megapixel photos. It even brings support for real time-HDR of more than 90 decibels as well as a remosaic algorithm for a normal environment which might help in improving the quality of the photo.

On the other hand, MediaTek Helio G90 series will be having octa-core CPU along with paired with ARM Mali-G76 3EEMC4 GPU. The chipset is designed through the extensive involvement of the MediaTek India team. Both of them will be up for smartphones all across the world.

So as you have seen that there is not much information about the phone, we will have to wait for getting more details.