Yesterday a leaked report was up all across the internet where it was revealed that the upcoming Realme 64 megapixels quad-camera phone will be launched officially on 15th August. Having said that the Chinese company has finally announced its official confirmation where they said that it will truly be announcing the smartphone on the same date itself. But the company has not yet revealed the name of the device yet. Not only this but also the Chinese company is all set to showcase the same phone in India first on 8th August and will make it official just after a week. In its official announcement post, the brand revealed that the 64 megapixels camera phone will be having a quad-camera set up. The brand reiterates that the 64-megapixel camera phone will be having a quad-camera set up. Not only this but also the Realme is rumoured to use Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. The ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor by Samsung was announced at the beginning of the year. Having said that there is no such official announcement from the company so far.

The China-based company has taken the help of Weibo for announcing about their upcoming phone of 64-megapixels camera phone which will be launched in China very soon. But before that, it will be launched in India. The China-based company Realme also announced officially that they will be launching the phone in the Chinese market on 15th August. However, the poster had revealed something else but it also announced that the phone will be featured with the quad-camera set up as well.

As we have already mentioned that the Chinese company will be first launching the phone in India on 8th of August. However, the name of the phone is yet to be revealed. So everyone is yet in a dilemma that whether it will be a part of X series or it will be an introduction of a fresh as well as a newly launched series. Madhav Seth, the CEO of Realme India also announced that India is going to be the only country to get this phone first.

The upcoming phone of Realme is expected in integrating the ISOCELL Bright GW1 of Samsung which was released at the beginning of this year. If the brand uses this sensor of Samsung then the upcoming phone by Realme will be able to capture a 16 megapixels photo even in the low light areas. It will do this by merging four pixels into one by using its Tetracell technology. The camera sensor can also be able to descramble its colour filter with the purpose of delivering full-size 64-megapixel clicks. Not only but also brings features for the real-time HDR of up to 100- decibels as well as remosaic algorithm for well-lit environments which will instantly be able to improve the quality of the picture.

Earlier CEO of Realme India, Madhav Sheth has recently changed his name on Twitter from Madhav Sheth to Madhav ‘5’ Quad. This directly hints that the upcoming phone of the Realme will be known as Realme 5 whenever it will be launched. This is because number 4 is known as unlucky in the Chinese culture and this traditional trend is followed by the China-based brand Realme after skipping the one number after the launch of Realme 3 as well as Realme 3 Pro. There is also no doubt that the upcoming phone may also be called as the Realme 5 Pro.

Madhav Sheth is active on Twitter and as we have already mentioned above, he has changed his name to Madhav ‘5’ Quad and this clearly indicated that the upcoming phone will be called as the Realme 5 or it may also be called as the Realme 5 Pro. Along with this, the ‘Quad’ in the name stands for the quad-camera setup which we have already been announced by the company earlier. If you are active on Twitter and already following the CEO of Realme India, Madhav Sheth, then you might have noticed that before the launch of Realme X, Madhav has changed his Twitter name to Madhav X. We are expecting that he is doing the same thing this time as well. Having said that these are all speculation.

Whereas the Realme 64-megapixels camera is all set to be launching in India very soon. And China will be hosting the same event on August 15. As per the rumoured reports, the company will be using Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor which earlier announced earlier but there is no official confirmation by the company as such.

According to Samsung, this dynamic range of the conventional sensor is for 60 decibels whereas the human eye is known to be considered to be of about 120 decibels. The Samsung has also launched ISOCELL Bright GM2. But the Realme will be using its previous version.

Various other details of the phone will be known on the launch date in India on August 8.