Real Cash games

The 120$ billion Gaming industry is experiencing dramatic changes that everyone is trying to cash in. It is reshaping the way we interact with the world and it makes companies like Microsoft, Google, and more to create new technologies to serve the billions of gamers or users in the world. Not only this, from gaming user’s perspective gaming is becoming a pop culture and redefining the ways young community-consuming entertainment. 

It is important to talk about the Mobile Gaming Industry specifically because over the past years we have seen tremendous growth in the smartphone market, internet connectivity, changing needs in social interaction, and growing young population base. With this, we will also give equal weightage to the increase in the growth of digital wallets and the desire to earn online.

As we move further, here is the list of top 10 games markets ranked on their revenue estimates for 2019

In this article, we will be talking about some real cash-earning mobile games. Now, Can You Get Paid to Play Games? My experience says, YES. You can earn real money by playing the mobile game. All you need is a smart configuration phone and good internet connectivity. We have seen people earning anywhere between $200 to $1,500 per month simply by playing real money earning games in their free time.

Real Cash games are also known as Real money Skill Games, the games which are determined by the player’s ability. These are the games in which the outcomes are determined by skill rather than by chance. Further, these skilled games can be classified as: 

  • Arcade games 
  • Puzzle 
  • Word games 
  • Trivia games 
  • Game Shows
  • Fantasy sport games
  • Card games 

In this article, we will be discussing card games (poker, rummy, website or mobile casino & more) and fantasy sports games (football, cricket betting & more).

Card Games for money

Real Cash games

It won’t be correctly justified if I say that card games are purely based on the skills. However, it combines both skills as well as the element of chance. Such games can be played in two ways. Either you can take part in a live tournament where you play directly against real gamblers or the mobile casino deals the same hand to all the players who then play against a computer. When you play against a peer gambler, the one who wins gets the money.

Examples of card skill games you can play for real money online include poker, contract bridge, spades, solitaire, rummy, and its canasta variation, tonk, and others.

Below is the list of some card games for money you can play to earn more than 500$ every month: 

Mobile Casinos: With the advancement in Networks like 5G and commendable mobile internet speed all around the world, Mobile casinos have become a true sensation for the gaming market. All you need is a good smartphone in your hand and a reliable and strong Wi-Fi connection to play online.

Here is a list of the best mobile casino games available in your country. 

  • Royal Panda- With having a win rate of 97.59% is lovable and claimed as one of the best online casino game.
  • Betway Casino- With a Claiming of 90000 rupees and a win rate of 97.55%, you cannot miss trying this one. 
  • Live games with a 24/7 support for Indian players.
  • Spin Casino- Reliable and massive

 Online poker sites accept real-currency funds from players and then credit it into the player’s online poker account. These funds are further used by the poker player from their online poker account to take part in any game similar to getting chips at a casino. Players can withdraw these funds at any point. The money that players win is real. Below is the list of few poker sites. 

  • Adda52- Lots of prizes to win
  • Spartan Poker- Play and win cash
  • Poker Star- Excellent and fast software.
  • Poker 52- The most popular poker game in India

Rummy-From the agescard games are always fascinating. This is the most favorable game in India as it is mostly played in free time, festivals like Diwali and on more relaxing events. Playing this game is easy and if you are good at estimation and calculation you can win big cash and other prizes. Some of the best online rummy games are:-

  1. Indian RummyRummy Circle
  2. Rummy
  3. Gin Rummy Plus

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Fantasy sports and worlds for money

Real Cash games

Fantasy sports and fantasy worlds are recently introduced to the world of the online gaming industry played with real money. Numerous bookmakers and sports channels started offering fantasy leagues where players can compete for cash or prizes. 

In these games you can make money by selecting a team, buying and selling players, and betting on outcomes of matches. The most popular fantasy leagues include the NHL, NBA, NHL, NBL as well as numerous national football leagues across the world.

Your score is determined against other players who participate in the respective league and then winnings are calculated as a percentage of the prize pool, down the rooster.