Qapital Personal Finance Apps of 2018

Qapital Personal Finance Apps of 2018

Saving – the easiest thing to promise yourself but the most difficult thing to actually do. Well, it’s not your fault if that dress looked so good and those heels just went with it. It was practically begging you to buy it. But now that you’re out of that store you remember that slick black car you’ve been trying to save for. Darn it!

Qapital Personal Finance Apps of 2018

We know exactly what you need. You just need this tiny application on your smartphone. Qapital now doesn’t waste time trying to spell it rather read further about why it’s your best friend.

Everything You Should Know About Qapital App

Qapital understands that saving without a cause is difficult hence it uses real-life goals, to keep you motivated, track your progress and let you enjoy your success.

The wackiest feature of this application is its use of the IFTT rule, sounds fancy?  It basically means that this application will transfer small amounts of money into a savings account if you follow a rule. For example, if you walk a particular number of steps it transfers a particular amount of money in your saving account.
This application also has connections to various other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. And it does help, For example, connecting to Jawbone allows the user to set a rule that if they take a certain number of steps during the day, a set amount of money is transferred to savings.

With a 4.5 rating on Playstore and a 4.8 rating on Itunes, this application definitely seems to be cracking some goals itself. Eager to check it out? Go ahead and tap on the links below and get directed to a world full of goals and money and savings, things which were definitely just dreams before this. Get going and save small and live largely.


Well, this application definitely doesn’t have a set age group when it comes to its users as long as you have an account and money to save you can go ahead and get saving along with completing various goals. It does give saving a gaming side making it playful and easy-going two words we’ve never used when it comes to saving. This application can also be a good learning experience for your own kids gets them started with a great practice earlier on in life.  

Take it from experienced people, users of this application have nothing but praises for it. An extremely satisfied users say “Outstanding app for money saving. I have difficulty saving the normal way and spend a lot on Amazon. I set the app so for every purchase I make on Amazon $25 is deducted from my bank account and goes into the Qapital money account automatically. This has been a Godsend and has helped me save more money than I would do on my own. I highly recommend this app to those who struggle to save. You just set it and forget it.”  The editors note on iTunes says “The whole “saving money” thing kind of sucks. First, you need to cut back expenses, which is about as fun as your Aunt Martha’s yearly slideshow. Enter Qapital. It lets you set up rules so you don’t even have to think about saving. Our personal favorite: rounding up every purchase by two bucks and sending the extra dough straight to our savings account”

Now you have it then, an amazing way of saving by spending. Isn’t it a shopaholic’s dream come true?