PUBG Mobile has been gaining a lot of popularity among online gamers lately. Since the teasers of a snow map, gaming enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for PUBG Vikendi Snow Map. The fourth and the most anticipated map of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally here. The PUBG Vikendi Snow Map is reportedly the best map among all previous maps and contains a blend of all the best parts of the game. The map is currently only available on PUBG: Test Server for now.

PUBG Vikendi Snow Map apps to follow

The PUBG Vikendi Snow Map will be available for every platform including PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC, PUBG PS4, as well as PUBG Xbox One. This also implies that PUBG Mobile players will now have four choices to choose from maps namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and the latest Vikendi.

The PUBG Vikendi Snow Map is slated to release on December 19.

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According to Tencent games, the PUBG Vikendi will be a 6km x 6km map which will come with a new snow weather mode. This #24 update will include a new layout for players with large hands, snowball fight in Vikendi Spawn Island before the flight takeoff, a display for Erangel Spawn Island Crew Challenge winners, and SnowMobile. Moreover, the players will also get a snow theme in the main menu to collect bells from all the Classic mode matches. The players can also open the event center to exchange them for rewards.

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PUBG Vikendi Snow Map: Gameplay, new weapons, snowmobile, and more features

  1. SCAR lovers will be disappointed to know the absence of the gun from Vikendi. However, in exchange, Tencent has added G36C Assault Rifle as Vikendi exclusive. Developers have also introduced the Snowmobile to explore the icy terrain of Vikendi.G36C Assault Rifle apps to follow
  2. A new Parachuting system is introduced where you can glide or dive during freefall. With enhanced animations, the players also have the option to cut the chute before reaching the ground since it will not be a hard ground.PUBG Vikendi Snow Map parachute
  3. You can throw snowballs at each other while waiting for the plane at the starting area.
  4. Be careful while driving the vehicles as the icy terrain will make them more slippery. There will be slow acceleration while driving on snow and you will have loose handling if you will speed up on the ice.PUBG Vikendi Snow icy terrain
  5. Putting in more reality to the gameplay, footprints and vehicle tracks on the snow will be visible. This will help players to identify whether enemies have passed the snowy area they are on or not in PUBG Vikendi Snow Map. Notably, the footprints and tracks will also not stay there forever.
  6. Red zone center will spawn outside of the play area. Impressively, the smaller the play zone will be, the smaller will be the red zone.
  7. The first circle in PUBG Vikendi Snow Map will be smaller than all other maps. However, the subsequent circle size changes will be less than other maps resulting in more blue zone variety and unique experience.
  8. The official Vikendi microsite Survivor Pass will be available from December 19, 2018, the same day it will launch on live servers. Pass duration will be 10 weeks.
  9. The new vehicle Snowmobile in the PUBG Vikendi Snow Map will only have two seats, which is a drawback for squads, the performance, however, will be much better than all other vehicles on the icy surface.