PUBG Mobile Vs. PUBG Console VS. PUBG PC

No one can deny the fact that people still argue about similar games on different platforms (mostly Xbox vs PlayStation). But here, we do not have a faceoff between PlayStation and Xbox but the not-so-known-for-gaming Windows PC, an Xbox, and mobile gaming. And the game is one of the most popular ones in battle royale genre, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. So let’s get in each version.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Vs. PUBG Console VS. PUBG PC

It is one of the most popular ones among all the versions due to its easy accessibility. The biggest thing that sets it apart from other versions is the free-to-play model. You get almost everything for free and even the little in-app purchases do not make any major changes in the gameplay. In fact, the mobile versions (both iOS and Android) have all the mobile F2P features such as daily login rewards, level ups, experience, free crates, missions, and all that.

Most missions are about killing a certain number of competitors and even bots which give both activity points and experience points. Bots and bots everywhere in mobile is a great way for beginners to build experience. The bots are an easy kill for any low-level player. New avatars are unlocked with experience points. Similar to PC version, you can open crates with BP or Battle Points. You get another edge over others while playing the mobile version of automatically picking up the better weapon when you have a choice.


PUBG Mobile Vs. PUBG Console VS. PUBG PC

Mobile versions might have been more popular for the portability, accessibility, and free-to-play models, they still cannot compete to PC mode for gameplay experience. The first reason (pubg mobile vs pc) is the absence of other maps in the mobile version. PUBG PC players have access to a number of maps. They have spent on it so they get what they deserve. PC veterans also have the advantage of following the exact path the plane will follow prior to landing. Both squad members are markers have indicators for range on the minimap. All this helps in a perfect landing. Moreover, the recently used vehicles are also marked on the minimap. So, you don’t have to open map to see what’s happening where in PC.

Moreover, another pubg mobile vs pc difference is most of the games have failed to give the flexibility of a keyboard and a mouse on other devices, and PUBG is also one of them. Where you can starf, crouch, vault, jump, go prone, use meds, and do more easily on PC, it is a bit overwhelming in the mobile version. Keyboard and mouse give you the ability to make quick use of inventory, unlike the console or touch-based gaming. PUBG PC has been the primary platform for the developers, and the constant work from the team makes the version the best one among all for gameplay, holding down the numerous gaming features easily


PUBG Mobile Vs. PUBG Console VS. PUBG PC

Xbox mode holds its own perks for players. It makes the game more challenging by not introducing any bots (though most of you count it as a setback, it is certainly better that way for pro gamers). Unlike PC (pubg console vs mobile), PUBG Xbox doesn’t offer forced modes. Console gaming also lets you do things that require leveling up on a smartphone. Like, if you want to join a group chat, you have to be on Level 5 on PUBG mobile but in the console, it is already available for every player. There are still lags and bugs in the PUBG Xbox version but gaming fans are hoping to see improvements in future when creators will decide to turn their heads towards Xbox and PlayStation.


Mobile is the major area where PUBG developers are currently focusing, but with the ever-increasing popularity of the game, we are not far from seeing an evolution in the other versions of the game (especially consoles).