No doubt PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular mobile games of all time. While at one side it is getting banned in different areas, the developers are also continuously putting efforts to make the game better. Recently, PUBG Mobile collaborated with Resident Evil makers to add Zombie mode in the game. And now in just a couple of months time, the company is all set to roll out yet another big update. The new v0.12.0 update will bring new weapons, new game modes, and improved zombie mode to the table.

PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Changelog

  1. Spectate Friends– It’s not old that you can spectate your squad members after you are dead in a game. However, the new update will take the spectate mode further. After this update, the users will now be able to spectate live matches of their friends. This will not be limited to a game where your friends and you were playing together. Even if you never entered a match, you can still watch the game with this feature. However, there will be some option where you can turn off spectators. The whole functionality will be revealed after the rollout.
  2. Survive Till Dawn- The latest Zombie mode is constantly getting updates and this one is also related to it. To enhance the mode, Tencent is introducing new weapons as well as new monsters that supposedly will bring more engagement to the mode. The two new weapons coming in the game include RPG-7 rocket launcher and Liquid Nitrogen grenade. The new grenade will reportedly freeze zombies, making it easier for the users to kill them.
  3. Darkest Night- This is the new gaming mode that is the major highlight of the game. Introducing “Darkest Mode”, the company mentioned that the players will not only face the wrath of zombies but there will be a toxic gas releasing outside buildings to rapidly deteriorate health.
  4. Spring Theme- The name shows it all. The new spring theme has nothing really to do with the gameplay but it is directed to the users’ health. With the new feature, users can shift from one theme to another in case of long gaming hours. This will prevent their eyes from getting sore because of playing in the same environment for long.

Update Release Date

The official release not from PUBG Mobile team said that the game will be off from 00:00:00 to 08:00:00 (UTC) on April 16. However, the new updated features will roll out on servers starting 17 April. As a promotion of the update, players getting the update before April 23 will get Outfit Box III and 1,888 BP as a reward.