PUBG Mobile, in its venture of a year in mobile gaming, has become one of the most popular smartphone games ever. Enhancing the gameplay constantly, Tencent has again released some new features in the latest beta update. Caring version 0.12.0, this latest update comes with a number of features like new weapons, a new spectate functionality, and events.

Let’s have a look at what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is offering in the latest update.

What’s New in Zombie Mode

Being only available under the beta program, the latest PUBG Mobile update is only available for selected users to download. However, it does contain a number of features altering the gameplay.

The biggest highlight is the new event under the Zombie mode. Note that Zombie mode only had Erangle Classic gameplay at the time it released. This will be its first update.

The new event under Zombie mode is titled as, ‘Collect supplies during the day and fend off zombies at night. Survive until the rescue arrives to win!’.

It says it all as players will be fighting zombies for a given time as the rescue will come and get them if they survived. Notably, the current Zombie mode is different from this update. The existing Zombie mode offers the extra challenge of eradicating Zombies while also fighting the players in the game. And as the basic gameplay works where the last man standing wins, it was also similar.

The PUBG Mobile update also added new weapons in the gameplay. First thing coming to the battle royale game is Rocket Launcher. Notably, the Rocket Launcher is a weapon from Resident Evil and was highly anticipated by PUBG Mobile players.

Another weapon that’ll be making its way to the game is an explosive crossbow, which, as the name suggests, will explode after hitting the target. Note that these two will only come in the latest Zombie event which is also coming in this update. Players have to wait for new things in the normal gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Updates Coming

There’s also a friendly spectate added in the game where players can spectate their friends while playing. It will also display the player’s information while watching and the number of people spectating. The aiming crosshair color can also be changed now.

The quick chat now gets a male voice in the PUBG Mobile. This new voice will be added separately with current female voice available too. The default voice will remain the same and players can use the male voice by selecting in the gameplay settings.

A new cosmetic change is also coming to the login page.

An eagle, termed as the companion, will also come in the update. This eagle will be added to a character’s shoulder featuring emotes, giving it the perfect Resident Evil look.

This is certainly not that big of a change but players are getting an ornamental update.

There is still no news about the stable release of the update for PUBG Mobile but as the beta inclusion is already ON, we can expect the update anytime soon.