New Ocean-Themed Skins and Outfits pubg

The latest season of the battle royale game PUBG Mobile is around the corner. As a matter of fact, makers have already declared that the current Season 7 will end of July 13. So we can expect the new Season 8 to come out within 4 to 5 days. While the company has already revealed the Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus will continue, we are also going to get a new theme, new weapon skins, extra rewards, and a lot more. The beta version of the Season 8 is live and here’s what it’s offering. 

New Power of the Ocean Theme

Talking about the UI, the battle royale is about to get a new theme named ‘Power of the Ocean’ that will have a slight reflection of sea life. Though we are still to find out how it looks in the final release of the update, we can say that there will be various sea-inspired items found in the game.

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New Weapon: PP19 Bizon

New Weapon- PP19 Bizon

Users will be happy to know that PUBG Mobile is introducing another SMG in the game. The new weapon named PP-19 Bizon will be carrying 9mm bullets like the UMP9 and Uzi. However, the specialty of this gun will be that it can hold up to 53 bullet rounds, unlike the other 9mm guns that have less capacity. Since the gun was first revealed in the Vikendi map, it is safe to assume that it will be exclusively available only in the Vikendi map. Moreover, the gun can be equipped with a scope but there is no space for extended mags or grips in it.

Royal Pass

Royal Pass

The new season has also revised the prices of royal passes. The Elite Royal Pass will be available for 600 UC whereas the Elite Plus pass will be priced at 1800 UC. Using royal passes, users will have access to the Elite missions that will aid them to get high ranks quickly. 

New Ocean-Themed Skins and Outfits

New Ocean-Themed Skins and Outfits pubg

Coming to the new skins, SLR and Scar-L, both are about to get new ocean-themed skins. A new backpack with ocean-themed skin will also be available in the inventory. Players previously were unable to put a skin on the DP-28 but from Season 8, they will have the option to use different skins on the DP-28. Apart from the skins, players will also have ocean-themed outfits available in the store.

The beta version of the new season has a total download size of 1.9 GB and only the players with PUBG: Mobile Beta currently have the option to try the new season and its features.

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