PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7 Leak: New Weapon, Skins, and More

To all the players building their ranks on the PUBG Mobile, there’s a bad as well as good news for you. Bad- PUBG Season 6 is about to end. Good- PUBG Season 7 is coming with a number of new things. A recent report about PUBG Mobile’s Season 7 has been leaked online alongside some information about the rewards and the Season 7 Royale Pass.  

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7 Leak: New Weapon, Skins, and More

According to the latest leak, players are in for a new handheld weapon in next Season. There will be new skins releasing for guns and helmets alongside some new outfits as well as an avatar customization option. Season 7 of the PUBG Mobile battle royale will reportedly come as an update for the game on Google Play. The update has a rollout scheduled for next week.

A famous YouTube streamer, Mr.GhostGaming leaked quite some information about the  PUBG Mobile Season 7 update. With the in-game changes, the Youtuber also gave release dates of the season 7’s arrival. If we have to believe the rumor, the Season 7 for PUBG Mobile with a build number 0.12.5 will be coming on May 17. As per the leaks, the  PUBG Mobile’s servers will go down for a while on May 16 and after the full update released on all the servers, registrations for the Season 7 Royale Pass will kick off on May 18.

A New Gun and Other Expected Elements of Season 7 Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7 Leak: New Weapon, Skins, and More

The first and most highlighted thing is a new handheld gun report. According to the leak, weaponry is getting a new entry named ‘Skorpion’. Moreover, there’s a new mustache style, parachute trail rewards, and flight trail added to the battle royale. There will be new skins introduced for Kar98K, M4, AKM, and UZI as well as for level 1 and 3 helmets and level 1 backpacks.

Talking about the Season 7 Royale Pass, the Elite Upgrade will be priced at 600 UC (PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency- Unknown Cash), whereas, the Elite Upgrade Plus will cost 1,800 UC to the players. Players will be instantly rewarded with 100 PR points for buying the royale pass. They will also be eligible for two newly introduced costumes depicted as Assault Squad and Urban Scavenger after crossing level 100 in the Royale Pass. There’s also a new mission tipped to release under Season 7 named Royale Pass EZ Mission License.

There is also a new ranking system rumored to be introduced in the PUBG Mobile Season 7, but we guess we have to wait for the actual release note to get more information about the same and everything else.