PUBG Mobile Lucky Money Event

PUBG Mobile has authoritatively reported that it will discharge the 0.18.0 update on May 7, which prepares for Season 13. Along these lines, in about seven days, PUBG Mobile will wrap up its Season 12. Adaptation 0.18.0 will probably present Winchester 94 or Win94 firearm with a degree and P90 SMG. We can likewise observe Miramar 2.0 desert map with changes and increments. These increases and changes incorporate a brilliant variant of Mirado vehicles and new candy machines with caffeinated beverages and painkillers. It will likewise accompany another “Wilderness Mode” no the Sanhok wilderness map. 

The update will likewise present the “Security Scramble mode,” which shows Blue-Purple zones inside the sheltered zone. This will probably make the game progressively adjusted for most players. Past this, we can likewise expect overwhelming or light dust storms on the Miramar map. We similarly observed another Cheer Park map, another preparation small scale game, and inclined sight on weapons in PUBG Mobile update. PUBG Corp will likewise include a screen capture mode that doesn’t work in matches, and another EVO positioned occasion. This new update will similarly present another Gun-create method. What’s more, to commend the finish of a productive season, PUBG Mobile has given a Lucky Money Tree Event. The occasion will allow PUBG Mobile players to win an iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Air pods.

The Lucky Money Tree occasion will last till May 4. Up to that point, players will get two possibilities every day to shake the tree to win huge prizes. 

Every day during the occasion time frame, PUBG Mobile will disperse three physical endowments, including one iPhone 11 Pro and two Apple Airpods. The blessings will be sent legitimately to the champs’ location. 

Players will see the Lucky Money Tree occasion popup when they dispatch the game. They will get the day’s first opportunity to shake the Lucky Money Tree just by signing into the game. Be that as it may, to get the additional chance of the afternoon, PUBG players should finish a crucial. 

Regardless of whether players aren’t sufficiently fortunate to win an iPhone or Air pods, they’ll despite everything win astonishing in-game awards by shaking the Lucky Money Tree. For example, by shaking the tree multiple times in four days, players will get a one of a kind in-game skin. Along these lines, to get the skin, players should shake the tree two times each day straight. 

The tree on the occasion page shows all the prizes players can win. Also, the page will incorporate the names of three players who won the iPhone 11 Pro and Air pods on that day.

More ways to make money or win prizes through playing Pubg

The least path by which you can bring in cash playing PUBG is by joining the paid online competitions. If you are eager to take the seriousness to the further level, you can contend in LANs. You can begin looking in open LAN parties and may discover one with a large money prize. 

Enormous associations, including DreamHack, much of the time incorporate open competitions for games, for example, PUBG on occasions. I trust starting now, and you have a smart thought about how to gain cash in PUBG portable. 

It is additionally conceivable to pursue the authority PUBG Europe League or the North American League. Furthermore, interestingly, the specific competitions license any group to join just as advance utilizing the positions, arrive at a resolution in enormous LAN finals focusing on the best up and comers for winning a portion of the million Euro prize pool. It is one of the fantastic approaches to get paid to play PUBG portable.