PUBG Mobile Lite has now come up with a new type of update in the form of 0.14.6 version. With this update, it has introduced an all-new Halloween Survive Till Dawn mode into the PUBG Mobile Lite. In this mode, the layers will be defending the pumpkin zombies. The Survive Till Dawn mode is something like an endurance mode where the gamers have to survive for three days and two nights. The Zombie mode that we have mentioned above has introduced tow new weapons and these are Flamethrower as well as M134 Minigun. Apart from this new mode, the Tencent Games also included various other new features such as video rewards, open character system. Not only this but it has also made optimizations to the entire game. As we all know that PUBG Mobile Lite is specifically faster as well as the faster version of PUBG Mobile which has recently got a new Halloween mode along with the unique features as well as special drop locations. If you want to use PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 update then you can download it through the Google Play Store. This particular update basically follows the 0.14.5 update which was launched just a few weeks ago.

What is new in the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 Update?

If you are a PUBG gamer then we hope you know that PUBG Mobile has recently received the 0.15.0 update and hence it is the perfect time for the 0.14.6 update for the PUBG Mobile Lite version. This PUBG Mobile Lite version helps in delivering a new Halloween update of the well known Survive Till Dawn mode where the gamers will need to work together for surviving three days as well as two nights. Among this, in the day time, the gamers will have to loot for the supplies which include the brand new M134 Minigun as well as Flamethrower. On the other hand, on the night time, a steady movement of the Pumpkin Zombies need to be subdued until and unless the evacuation for unlocking new exclusive achievements. Apart from the Survive Till Dawn mode, the Tencent Games have also included some new features to the faster as well as the lighter version of the PUBG Mobile. These new features which we are talking about include new weapons, open character system, video rewards and lots more. Now coming to the Open Character System, here the gamers will be able to suit as the brand new character named Victor in Survive Till Dawn as well as open crates for outfits as well as other rewards.

Not only this but also the PUBG Mobile Lite has received other three weapons named Sawed-Off which basically uses 12 gauge ammo and it can also be able to hold tow rounds such as Flamethrower as well as M134 Minigun which are present in the Survive Till Dawn mode. The Flamethrower will be obtained by killing the Zombies. On the other hand, the M134 Minigun will be spawned. Now coming to the video rewards which the Tencent Games have added to the PUBG Mobile Lite version. Here the PUBG Mobile Lite has a new Expedited Game Entry which will be offering a new quick entry option in the main menu of the game where it will be allowing the users for diving into the recommended game modes faster. Not only this but there is also the new Halloween Main Menu Theme and the PUBG has also included a new Winner Pass feature and the Tencent Games have fixed all the bugs as well as issues for improving the entire performance to give ease to the PUBG Mobile gamers.

We all know that PUBG Mobile Lite was already launched by the Tencent Games for the Android devices in the month of July in the year 2019. However, this version of the game is up for all the phones which are having less amount of RAM as well as internal storage. There are various smartphones such as Realme C2 or Redmi 8A which are having less amount of RAM, as well as space, can download PUBG Lite. The designers of the PUBG Mobile Lite have worked very hard exclusively for such types of phones.

PUBG Mobile Lite version was launched a few months back but it was not available in all the countries. But now the company have made a decision of being in existence the game is available in various regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, South Africa as well as South America. The company has taken such decision as it got a massive amount of response with its all-new update after adding some stuff. The updates which we are talking about includes emotes as well as bombing zones. The developers have worked very hard to make the lighter version look the same as the PUBG Mobile. Designed with the Unreal Engine 4, this all-new version is more compatible with more devices. PUBG Mobile Lite is featured with a small map which designed specifically for 60 players which will help in making for fast-paced games that can last for 10 minutes. The size of the game is only 400 MB and is specifically designed for the devices which are having less than 2 GB of RAM which claimed by the developers. The 0.14.6 PUBG Mobile Lite update which has been rolled out has not arrived in India immediately after the launch However, the users can download the game from the Google Play store easily.