PUBG Mobile Lite version 0.15.0 was updated on 16 October. The Update brought a lot of new features to one of the most popular shooting games, including the latest payload mode and the updated survive till dawn- Halloween mode. The newest payload mode will let players fly a helicopter and fight enemies in mid-air. The new feature teammate recall can let players pick up their dead teammate’s ID cards and revive them at the communication tower.

Brings 4V4 Team Deathmatch

The 4V4 deathmatch is the most significant addition to the latest Update,in which the players are divided into two teams and spawn into the warehouse map for close-quarter combat. This feature includes weapons like M416, SCAR-L, and Kar98 to fight the enemies. The players will get unlimited respawns and must defeat the enemies to get points and win. The warehouse map included random level three armors/helmets to protect themselves; they can get M249 light machine guns and RPG-7 rocket launchers provided throughout the plan. The mode is simple; whoever gets 40 kills first will win. It is almost similar to the 4V4 method in PUBG Mobile.

New Weapons

The latest Update brings the all-new weapons for all game modes. New equipment like MK47 rifle, which fired 20 rounds of 7.62mm of bullets. It also includes the fully automatic pistol with 9mm 20 round and 3x,6x scopes.

The Update brings other new features like new social features that can be used to know your teammate’s real-time status during gameplay to provide more support during combat. You can see the location of the enemy when you or your teammates beat them. The update brings new features, a new clan feature, and in-game chat channels.

The players will now have the ability to express their characters with ranking display appearances and MVP victory poses. The month of October brought a festive mood, so did the new system update of PUBG Lite to new winter themes and in-game skins and successful airdrops. The in-game has been lit up with the festive theme. Players can get their hands on high-level equipment in the latest Update of PUBG Lite, which was previously available only for the PUBG Mobile users.

The users will get a certain amount of time to kill the enemies. The 3x and 6x scopes can be equipped to most assault rifles, sniper rifles, and submachine guns on each map. Festive customization in the in-game skins and lucky, lucky airdrops are provided as part of the pass, with the arcade spin event and advertisement rewards. The addition of features includes the fixation of bugs and a report feature for the friend page

.Looking at the gameplay, the PUBG Lite features a smaller map made for 60 players, which keeps the speed of the game as smooth as it can be and helps the traditional PUBG style of play.

After updating the lighter version of PUBG mobile, the red zone may be a variable factor for the players in the game due to its bigger size than the map, which can kill the players in the game.

New features and improved old features after latest Update are listed below:

•System Settings




•UI & Update pack size

•Customization guide added

•WP themes


•Increase accuracy of RPG-7

•Added bombing zones

•Combat parameters