Snowy Cold Front Survival

PUBG Mobile has been showing the ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode on its social media accounts. However, there’s no confirmation if PUBG Mobile’s ‘Cold Front Survival’ is, actually, a mode or a replacement map entirely. Nevertheless, fans think that possibility of ‘Cold Front Survival’ being a replacement PUBG mode is far higher.

The social media posts by official PUBG Mobile account confirms that ‘Cold Front Survival’ is approaching April 16.

PUBG Mobile uploaded several pictures teasing ‘Cold Front Survival.’ Most of these posts have one-line descriptions these are like “Things are getting a bit…chilly here” and “Chicken Dinners for survival!” So, it’s needless to say that it’ll take us to an icy region, maybe to a snowy version of Erangel or the prevailing snowy Vikendi map.

Snowy Cold Front Survival

Interestingly, one post by PUBG Mobile also teases the utilization of drones within the icy regions of the polar front Survival.

The plan of drones looks presently prompted by PUBG Mobile’s biggest opponent, Call of Duty: Mobile. So, it might be interesting to ascertain how PUBG Mobile makes the utilization of drones more interesting.

In addition to all or any that, PUBG Mobile India went one step ahead by teasing a fresh item for ‘Cold Front Survival.’

Other than the image, PUBG Mobile India didn’t provide a hint on what this new item might be. However, most PUBG players predict that this new item might be a ‘heat pack,” which can allow players to survive the acute cold.

Nevertheless, with PUBG Mobile polar front Survival launching on April 16, it’s only a few days before all our queries get answered.

It’s difficult to comprehend the fact we are not being able to step out and indulge in some sports. However, eSports can quench your thirst for action and who doesn’t want to win a sumptuous ‘Chicken Dinner’ along with it.

In a bid to gift PUBG Mobile lovers something new, the game is launching it’s long-awaited ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode on April 16.

A teaser image was earlier shared on Twitter highlighting a white, snowy milieu, alongside the caption, “Band together to survive. Cold Front Survival is coming. The image shows a drone, suggesting that it could play a key role within the sport mode.

No specific information has been shared by the corporate, but the teasers mean the previously leaked Extreme Cold mode that was seen on a beta version of Game For Peace (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile).

According to some sources, the mode will be set in Vikendi and players will have to survive in extremely cold weather by searching for wood to start a fire as well as search for animals to require on the wave. A timer is going to be added during this mode to notify players of the incoming extreme wave, in order that they can find shelter and steel oneself against survival. Players would need to affect damage if they’re not around a fireplace when the wave hits.

According to another perception, the use of drones in the new model can be attributed to PUBG Mobile’s rival Call of Duty: Mobile, which allows players to use surveillance drones if they opt for the Mechanic class in its Battle Royale mode.