Battle royale phenomenon PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular games since a year. And by seeing the outlook it seems that the developers want to continue the same.  The name of the parent game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which has been rising since the first day of its launch. Even now the demand for the game is rising and developers are not only working hard to add new features but also rework the features which are already available in the game.

Recently the developers have uploaded a video where they were seen talking about lots of changes which can be done recently. In the video which was uploaded, the Executive Producer at PUBG Corp, TS Jang, has explained about the recent update of the PC version of the PUBG game. Among all the updates one of the major updates is the visual change which has been done to the Erangel map. This was earlier done in PC but now the developers are all set to make their wat to the mobile version under the banner of Erangel 2.0. Yes, this will be good news for the PUBG Mobile enthusiasts. The confirmation was actually done by Vincent Wang, the Global General Manager of PUBG Mobile. Not only this but also he mentioned about the upcoming crossover with AMC’s Walking Dead. As we already know that two weeks ago, Erangel 2.0 has been released in the PC version of the PUBG and since then all the PUBG were hyped about this ever-changing update. And now finally, Mr Vincent Wang, the Global Manager of PUBG Mobile have officially confirmed about the upcoming update in the PMCO final day 2. Having said that the company has not yet revealed when and how long it will take for the update of the new map to arrive but as per the reports, it is being heard that the new update can arrive with the update 0.14.5.

Erangel is basically the oldest map game of map when PUBG was launched with. And within a year of release, the gamers have got another updated map. The map which was titled under the Erangel visual update, the developer team of PUBG has made some changes where they have included the grass, the textures as well as overhauled the map. Devs Tencent Games have recently tweeted that the updated version of Erangel will be released very soon to the game. The tweet was read from the PUBG Mobile office handle.

What is Erangel 2.0?


There was also a video in the tweet which shows the before as well as after look of the overview of the map. Not only this but also the video has focussed the new look on Mylta Power, Yasnaya Polyana as well as Prison. The video also specifically shown the distance between the Mylta and Prison and between Mylta Power and Mylta. After seeing the outlook it has been noticed that there was a visible change in the textures in the map. The texture of the grasses is much better and the greenery has been added all around. The reflections of the surface area have also been added.

The new update that we are talking about will also be introducing high grasses on the map. And this is where the gamers will be experiencing the ever-changing experience. As per the gameplay on Erangel 2.0 on PC update, if the gamers hide behind the long grasses then it cannot be possible to find them until and unless the players go near and encounter.

So if the same update is done in the PUBG Mobile in the Erangel 2.0, then the entire scenario will be going to change. The campers will be having a great boost.

Crossover with The Walking Dead

With the recently made announcement of Erangel 2.0, Mr Vincent Wang also has discussed the upcoming crossover to the PUBG Mobile as well as Walking Dead. Having said that there were no such announcements or any sorts of information have been revealed related to it. However, t is also expected that the crossover will arrive with the recently launched version of the PUBG Mobile update v0. 14.0. The beta update of the same already has already introduced a new zombie game mode which is known as “infection”. Is this the hint for the upcoming crossover? If our prediction is true, then it will be very interesting to see the PUBG Mobilex The Walking Dead along with ‘Infection’.

In the new Zombie game mode, the players will randomly be divided into either defenders or zombies. However, this recently updated game mode is asymmetric. And the defender will have the way to use in using firearms. Whereas zombies will only be able to melee attacks and have special abilities with the cooldown time.