PUBG Mobile is all set to celebrate another festival with its in-game perks. Easter is here and just like Christmas when bells were uploaded on the server, this term around there are Easter Eggs everywhere. The popular online mobile battle royale is getting a server-side update to add Easter Eggs in your game. These eggs will offer you some goodies in the form of crates and other kinds of in-game attack.

PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs Uploaded on the Server, Here’s How to Get Them

First Easter-Egg of PUBG Mobile

The game is equipped with two kinds of eggs. You can find the first kind of Easter Egg under the Spring Draw tab. Next up, you have to click on the egg which will lead you to a little egg sitting behind some plants on your display. Opening this egg will bring you a chance to win Easter-themed apparel through a crate which you can use to alter your character’s appearance on PUBG Mobile.

Second Easter-Egg of PUBG Mobile

The second Easter-Egg will be available in matches during gameplay. Players can find Easter-Eggs distributed around the play area like the standard match loot. Collecting at least five of them during a match will give players a chance to open another crate. These crates will be found under the Events tab. Redeeming as many of these as possible will earn you more and more battle points and in-game prizes. The Easter-Eggs are located at different locations on all the maps.

It is still unknown how long we will be seeing Easter-Eggs in the game but since it’s an occasion-based feature, we can expect it to disappear soon. Hence, if you like having some extra clothing in your inventory and some extra perks for in-game action, we recommend you to open your PUBG Mobile game and start soon.

Notably, PUBG Mobile has been constantly updating its gameplay. A few days ago, PUBG Mobile got the new 0.12.0 update to bring features and little modifications in the gameplay. However, the 0.12.0 update was mainly focusing on more action to the Zombie Mode. While Zombies were made more powerful with their ability to attack players, there is also a zombie event now where multiple teams can be victorious. Over that, PUBG Mobile also introduced the weather shifts in Miramar and Erangle.

Nepal’s Supreme Court Reverse the PUBG Mobile Ban

In related news, Nepal Govt. has also lifted the ban from the battle royal game. Maybe the Easter celebrations are for a reason since Nepal’s Supreme Court has also lifted the national ban over the game. The decision came after several lawyers filed a petition against the block stating that Nepal’s constitution gives every person the freedom to play the game.

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