PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019

Tencent Games has successfully concluded PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 and now the team has announced one of the biggest mobile gaming tournaments globally touted as PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019.

The new tournament is an all year event divided into two parts including Spring Split and Fall Split with separate Global Finals and prize pool for each. Spring Split matches will start later this month whereas Spring Split Global Finals will be held in July 2019. Tencent has kept the event open for both pro and semi-pro teams to win the huge $2 million prize pool.

Official website of PUBG Mobile confirmed that teams from 10 regions across the globe can battle in the two splits for the share of $2 million. These regions include Europe, South East Asia, China, India, South America, North America, Middle East, Korea, and Japan. There is also a special Wildcard entry kept as a surprise to add a bit more excitement.

The first part of the tournament, Spring Split, will start from March 22 and go on till June 14. While there are no confirmations for the finals, rumors say it will be around July 19. The next part of the tournament, Fall Split, will start from August and go on till December. Interestingly, tablets will not be allowed for the tournament which can create some fuss among the pro-players.

How To Register And Rules For the Tournament

It’s easy to register your team for the game. Simply, go to the PUBG Mobile website Or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE TOURNAMENT.

Some ground rules set for team registration are as follows.

  • Participants of a team must be legally adults as per their country’s law practices. Also, the players must comply with all the applicable age ratings from rating authorities and mobile platform rating systems.
  • In case someone not legally mature in his or her country but older than 16 years, can still apply for the tournament with a simple consent letter from parents or legal guardians. 
  • A team should at least have three players of the team from the same region. The team is allowed to have 5 players with 4 on the roster while one being a substitute. 
  • All the players of a team must hold a ranking of Platinum or above at the time of registering. 
  • The roster cannot be modified after submitting for the registration. 
  • Substitutions can be done in between the matches. 
  • Qualification Round results will depend on your game results so it is important for you to create a crew with the same name used at the time of registration. 
  • Appoint someone as the Crew Leader for communication in the entire tournament. All the games will be played in TPP Squad Mode. 
  • Winning crew(s) will enter in the 2019 Spring Global Finals. 
  • Registration has started from 8 March 2019 03:00 (UTC) and will go on until 18 March 2019 22:00 (UTC). 
  • Registration for Japan, Korea, and China is not open yet and the registration dates will be released later for these regions. 
  • Players can compete in online as well as LAN events only using mobile phone handheld devices. Any other devices such as tablets, PCs, laptops, consoles, and other non-handheld devices are not allowed in the tournament.