PUBG Mobile Ban: After Surat and Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Gir Somnath to Ban PUBG Mobile

Reports were taking rounds of the internet a few days ago when PUBG Mobile was banned in the cities of Surat and Rajkot. Now, the latest PUBG Mobile ban information is coming from the Gir Somnath and Bhavnagar districts. According to the sources, there is a notification issued for the game ban in the said districts. Highlighting the violence incited PUBG, the notification declared that people caught playing PUBG Mobile will be taken in custody under the IPC section 188.

Not only PUBG Mobile but the ‘Momo Challenge’ is also banned from these districts looking at the consequences it can bring. The viral ‘Momo Challenge’ is a hoax challenge where an unknown stranger reportedly attracts users to perform harmful and even fatal acts.

PUBG Mobile’s popularity in India is over the top of any other mobile app or game. Created and distributed by a South Korean subsidiary Bluehole, the game celebrated a year of its launch last month. The mobile game has wide popularity all over the globe, but a huge part of its user base comes from India.

However, even after achieving that much success from India, PUBG Mobile has been in front of criticism from the past six months. We’ve witnessed administrations from several parts of the country taking strict actions against it as well as parents complaining of the addictive, obsessive, and adverse effects on their children playing the mobile game. One of the recent incidents was a mother complaining about her child’s addiction to PUBG Mobile during Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What is Section 188 of IPC and How it Affects the Gameplay

The ban was imposed by Rajkot police first for a period 22 days starting from 9 March to 30 March. During this period, anyone can complain about anyone playing the mobile game.

According to section 188 of IPC,

“…if such disobedience causes or tends to cause obstruction, annoyance or injury, or risk of obstruction, annoyance or injury, to any person lawfully employed, be punished with simple impris­onment for a term which may extend to one month or with fine which may extend to two hundred rupees, or with both…”

That being said, playing PUBG Mobile without giving rise to any criminal action will not make you guilty. You will be charged only if your gameplay causes obstruction, annoyance, or injury to anyone. The step is also taken due to PUBG Mobile’s hinderance in the education process. Let’s see if the ban brings some positive results or the administration takes some different action to stop it from influencing young minds.