PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds version 0.9.5 update is now live with season 4 Royal Passes and many more new things. Tencent Games announced the update two days ago on Twitter dubbed as Royale Pass Season 4. The update was initially out on 20 November but got updated on global servers today on 21 November. The update has brought new game mode, weapons, vehicles, hairstyles, rare outfits, and much more. This update was dubbed as the beginning of PUBG Mobile Season 4, which has a downloadable size of 138MB.

PUBG 0.9.5 Season 4 Update: What’s new

The first and very important change at the commencement of Season 4 is Royale Pass. The players will have to start again to achieve reputable ranks this season through new Royale Pass. All the previous scores and ranks will be wiped out after the update. The new RP version also offers additional benefits such as character faces, firearm finishes, rare outfit rewards, hairstyles, and much more to players who purchase it.

PUBG Mobile: New Weapon and Other Updates

A new automatic rifle dubbed as M762 is also introduced in Season 4 that uses 7.62mm rounds. It has single shot, triple shot, and full auto-firing modes available. It will be available on all the maps.

Tencent Games has also added a new scooter for Sanhok map. This scooter will be available for find and drive on all the map areas. Sanhok has also been updated to a dynamic weather situation, making it randomly shift between seasons like foggy, rainy, or sunny.

This update has also added a new Hardcore Mode for pro players who seek a next level challenge from the game. This Hardcore Mode is integrated within Arcade Mode that will have periodical availability with a name “Hardcore Week”. Inside it, you will play with no audio cues for footsteps. This pro-gaming mode from PUBG Mobile is currently only available in Erangel.

Improved RAM Usage and Black Friday Sale

Apart from several in-game updates to enhance gameplay, Tencent Games has also focused on smartphone functionality. PUBG Mobile will now host a leaner chat system, to store more messages while occupying lesser RAM. A tuned shop front page and an improved matchmaking and chat are now live with no option to choose a second language, which has trimmed down RAM usage to a fair margin.

Moreover, Tencent Games will be hosting a new event during Black Friday, to offer players heavy discounts this holiday season. Elite Pass holders will be able to purchase items with RP or BP points on heavy discounts. The game will also increase chances of crate drops for a limited period of time.