PUBG MOBILE is getting itself prepared for another big update, the most popular battle royale title on November 8. Just a few hours ahead of this launch, the developers of the PUBG Mobile have released some official patch notes for the update which highlights the key features for the upcoming features such as weapons, new map, new character as well as the vehicle. Unlike the other update, PUBG Mobile developers mentioned that they are not going to make the server offline at the time of the update. The PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update will be taking around 210 MB on Android as well as 240 MB on iOS devices. Just a few hours ahead of the launch the developers have already revealed as to what to expect from the upcoming update. Now let us have a look at the features of the update.

The Fury of the Wasteland

The new version of the battle royale game has come up with  Royale Pass Season 10 which is specifically themed on “The Fury of the Wasteland”. In this theme, the players will be getting new vehicles, desert-themed weapons as well as skins as they proceed towards the 10th Royale Pass Season. And the players who want to purchase the Royale Pass will be rewarded with some items as well as all-new desert-themed skins.

MPSK Submachine gun

This upcoming update will be bringing the MPSK submachine gun which specifically designed for the Vikendi map. It attacks ammunition rounds at 900 RPM as well as has the damage rate of 33. The MPSK  submachine can be featured with various attachments which include magazines, tactical stock, laser sights as well as scopes.

Team Deathmatch Mode Map

The PUBG Mobile developers have also included a new map for the Team Deathmatch mode which is also known as TDM. This is specifically a rainforest along with natural vegetation which is again surrounding the havoc from the Sanhok map. Here the gamers. In Team Deathmatch players can respawn at random coordinates and will be going head to head enemies as well as set up the employee team tactics or stronghold as mentioned by the PUBG Mobile developers before its release.

A new vehicle

PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 is also all set to bring a new vehicle which is known as Zima and this is exclusive to Vikendi. Zima is specifically an off-road vehicle which can move efficiently in snowy terrains of Vikendi. The speed of the vehicle is  115 km/h along with a seating capacity of 4 as well as replacing UAE on the map.

A new character

The developers have also introduced a new character into the PUBG Mobile whose name is Sara. Sara is basically a vehicle engineer and she has the capability in reducing the vehicle damage at the time of driving or riding any vehicle in the EVO modes.

Apart from this the updated version of the PUBG Mobile will be introducing the most awaited companion system along with the Falcon. In this feature, the player will be having the capability to take their flacon to the battlefield and can even collect companion as well as materials shards for redeeming it. Also, some changes are being made in the Arcade modes. Tencent is going to take down the mini zone for a time being. However, the Sniper Training will be there on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday as well as Sunday. On the other hand, the War mode will be accessible on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday as well as Sunday.

PUBG Mobile players to avail a Rs 200 coupon from Google

There is good news for all the PUBG Mobile gamers as Google has lots to offer them. The tech giant is providing a PUBG Mobile credit coupon for using in-game in PUBG Mobile for making in-game purchases. Having said that the offer is available only for a short period of time and the gamers will be getting it in the main menu o Google Play Store as well as in the rewards section. Now the credit coupon is worth Rs 200 and the users can use it in the game. As mentioned above, you will be able to avail the coupon by making the purchases in-game which includes any sort of transaction which also needs real currency. But the main criteria to use this coupon is the gamers has to buy UC for a price amount of Rs 350 in minimum. And as soon as you have availed the coupon, it is valid for a limited span of time which is a very important thing that you have to keep in your mind. The discount is available to any content of the Season 10 that means the gamers will have to keep patience and wait for at least 24 hours for the getting the latest update.