PUBG Mobile will be getting a fresh update very soon in the form of 0.15.0 version. And the update will be adding a new feature which is known as Arcade mode. In other words, it is also known as Payload. Recently, PUBG Mobile India has announced this news officially on its Twitter handle. Not only this but also the PUBG Mobile has also confirmed the Royale Pass Season 9 rollout date as September 13. If you are still unaware then let us tell you that the Royale Pass Season 8 has been ended officially today. Finally, the company is going to take down the servers by tomorrow. After this, they are going to set up the dashboard stage for the Royale Pass Season 9. As of now, there is no such information of the 0.15.0 update except for the officially confirmed Payload Arcade mode. Earlier various sources said that Tencent Games may push 0.15.5 update on September 12. Through this update, they might add some new features to the games. But after this official update by company, they have said that 015.0 updates will be rolled out soon and they have not mentioned anything about 015.5 updates as of now.

Having said that there were various leaks on YouTube which have suggested some new gameplay modes which include rocket launchers as well as helicopters. All of these is going to make this game more interesting for the players.

Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

We hope you have heard about the news where Tencent Games will be first testing the features in the Chinese version of the game before bringing them to the global version. And they are continuing this time as well. And as they said the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile has already started receiving the Payload feature which will be bringing certain features such as massive weapons as well as helicopters into this game. As we have already mentioned above, Payload mode is basically and Arcade mode which is create sitting beside various other modes such as Quick Games, War, Sniper Training as well as War.

So basically in Payload mode, the players will have the capability in travelling with the help of helicopters and through this, they will be able to find the enemies for taking them down. And right inside the Payload mode, there will be rocket launcher weapon which is expected to be the RPG-7. RPG-7 is also present in the current version of the game in Darkest Night Zombie Mode. The feature does not end here, along with the RPG-7, there will be various other weapons as well. Having said that we are not sure whether the rocket launcher weapon present in the Payload Mode is RPG-7  or not. But we can still say that the weapons which will be present will be having the enemy locking functionality as well as default 4X scope same as the VSS weapon. This scoping mechanism will be allowing the gamers in locking down the enemy as much as possible.  This information is collected from the Chinese version of the game. But the global payload mode may differ.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 9 is going to be launched on September 13

Alongside other news has been confirmed by PUBG Mobile. The news is related to the Royale Pass Season 9. The Royale Pass Season 8 has already ended today and the next season will begin on September 13. As per the official news, the game will be under the maintenance, post which the Season 9 will be rolled out. As for the details of Royale Pass Season 9, Tencent Games has confirmed officially that there will be a new Kar98K skin, backpack skins, new helmet and more. As always, the Royale Pass Season 9 will be arriving in three different versions. These three versions are named as free, Elite as well as Elite Plus versions. As of now, the Season 9 Elite pass will be costing 600UC. On the other hand, the Elite Plus version will be costing 1800UC.

The Elite Plus pass will be letting the users maximise their rank by 25 and then they will be able to unlock all the rewards available instantly. Along with that PUBG Mobile will be allowing the players to instantly reach the Royale Pass 100 rank through the help of UC.

As we have mentioned above there is no such information related to the 0.14.5 update which is expected for bringing new MP5K gun and making some changes. Having said that, all thanks to the various leaks that are available online, we came to know that the upcoming season will be having a new theme called ‘Warrior Unite’ with the usual set of new clothing, skins, emotes and various other rewards.