PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 is all set to come on October 16. All the PUBG gamers are literally excited for those upcoming update as it is going to be the major update so far. As we all know the date of update has been approaching and only a few days are left so far, and so complete patch has been leaked all across the internet. If you have noticed it or not that PUBG Mobile has already officially confirmed that the update they are bringing will be coming with lots of new as well as exciting features such as explosive fuel cans, payload mode, ledge grab and lots more. Having said that, various leaked reports also indicate that the upcoming update will be coming with various other extra features which the company has not revealed as of now. On one hand, there is increasing the popularity of the taxing games which have provided the rise of gaming smartphones. On the other hand, popular games such as PUBG are targeting the market by launching its lite version which people can play within the budget-friendly hardware. Earlier, PUBG Mobile has introduced several other features such as new weapons, the high frame rate on HDR as well as 4v4 team deathmatch.

Now coming back to the latest update, the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update will be adding new pistolĀ  which is known as Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle will be dealing with the damage of 62. Not only this but also the update will be bringing Grenade skins which are going to be one of the most interesting changes so far. Last but definitely not the least, with this update you will also be getting some exciting optimizations to performance, graphics as well as control which will provide a much enhanced as well as advanced gaming experience.

The new update of PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update.

Payload Mode

The major update which PUBG Mobile is going to introduce is the Payload mode. Now, what this mode is all about? In this mode, the players will be able to find special loot crates. The loots crates which we have mentioned above are situated underground and it will rise up to the surface area if the gamers meet up to certain conditions. These loot crates have a giant halo which is showing their position. We must have to admit about the appearance of the contents of this loot box. It consists of miniguns, grenade launchers as well as RPGs. The gameplay of the Payload mde was earlier seen on the Chinese beta version of the PUBG mobile as well as the helicopters which are contained in the game can be used as the normal vehicles. The players in this game can easily change their position as well as it even needs fuel. Not only this but also the player can now easily reach the blue zone no matter how much they are away from it.

This particular mode will be having heavy fire weapons such as RPG-7 rocket launcher, M3E1 missile, M79 grenade launcher as well as MGL grenade launcher which will be allowing players for eliminating enemies. Apart from this, the gamers of one team will now be able to recall all their eliminated enemies. This can be done by picking up the teammate ID card as well as approaching to the communication tower. Not only this but also this payload mode will be having several other features which the gamers can efficiently use for surviving in the game.

Desert Eagle

PUBG mobile will also be introducing a new pistol in this game after the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update and it has been named as Desert Eagle which many gamers have earlier seen in well-known PC games such as Counter-Strike. Desert Eagle is basically a high damaging semi-automatic as well as personalized hand canon which will be making its way piercing the helms as well as armours.

This semi-automatic pistol provides massive damage of 62 as well as two shots on the head which is efficient to complete the task. There is no issue on which helmet you are wearing, it will easily hit your head down. Apart from this, the effective Fire Range which is 100m will provide a clear message to the rivals for maintaining a safe distance or not get involved in the battle.

This particular gun uses 45 ACP ammo which is present in each and every map. Desert Eagle pistol has the ability to use all the attachments which a pistol normally make use of. Moreover, the gun uses the Red Dot as well as Holographic which helps in increasing the accuracy to the fullest for making sure the players can go to the head. It uses 7 bullets normally but it has the capacity to increase up to 10 bullets.

Ledge Grab

As per the Ledge Grab feature is concerned, it helps in allowing players in reaching positions which they haven’t reached so far. After tapping the jump button, the players will have to wait for the correct time and then finally tap the jump button again for achieving to go for the climb operation. This feature is specifically added in extreme places where containers, as well as buildings, are situated.


Another new feature which has been introduced is known as Graffiti which is a spray function. If you go back to the leaked tach notes, this feature helps in allowing gamers with spray props for customizing the spray on any objects.

Tencent Games has finally confirmed that the recent update of the PUBG Mobile will be released from the October 16. On October 15, the servers of the PUBG Mobile will be down for the preparation for this upcoming biggest update. And we feel that it is going to be the major update in the year 2019 as the exciting features such as Payload Mode, Graffiti, Desert Eagle as well as Ledge Grab will really grab the attention of the players. Now we are waiting to see various other additional features which are yet to announce by PUBG Mobile.