As we all know that the PUBG 5.1 has been live along with its latest update but some of the experts of the game have already talked about what the game can provide to its users in the PC version of the Battle Royale game clans. Generally, we are aware of the updates of PUBG but this one will be a bit different. Recently a frequent data miner which is known as PlayerIGN has provided had come up with some data mined information as well as some leaked images. PlayerIGN is the one who has earlier predicted about the PUBG Global Championship skins. In a particular tweet, PlayerIGN listed out some information by saying that clans will be able t have a slogan, a title as well as a maximum number of 20 members. Data miner PlayerIGN is very active in the PUBG community and all its leaks have been quite accurate. The 20 players containing in a clan will be having clan names which will be running between 2 as well as 15 characters and shorter tags which are running between 2 as well as 4 characters. It is also known that clans may be linked to the upcoming ranked mode. This is because there is no clan label for the leader board. Having said that it is not clear that when the clan system will be making its debut on PC as well as in the console

The clan system was earlier introduced for all the PUBG Mobile players in the year 2018. So definitely it will be a surprising thing to see that the same feature will be designed for PC as well as for the console. Apart from this a weeks ago, various other big changes have come up which include throwing needful items to the allies, important alternations to the Miramar map, a bunch of new stuff to earn from the latest Survivor Pass as well as of course the sudden appearance of vending machines. Let us put it this way, if a teammate makes use of a radio message to request ammo or healing, a button prompt will come up over their head to lob over automatically whatever they wanted, straight into their inventory. Now let us have a look at what are the features that you will be getting in PUBG Season 5 update.

PUBG Season 5 have introduced everyone some new fighting strategies for both the teams as well as the solo players. Apart from the ability to throw melee weapons, this feature will also enable the gamers to throw the items to each other. This feature is extremely useful for frequently passing the healing things to an injured teammate. This season of PUBG has also brought Vending Machines to Miramar as well as Camp Jackal which includes Casinos as well as motels. This feature has also made a numerous number of tweaks, upgrades as well as changes. The feature named Win94 has 2.7x scope going forward. All the melee weapons are throw able here. Not only this but the players will also be able to carry multiple weapons all at a time.  Apart from all the above mentioned changes, PUBG Season have provided its users an upgraded user interface along with unified categories which are based on the type of the items, the addition of a filtered options and choice, an upgraded UI for the game store, an improved firing mode display, a larger and more accessible back button and lots more. As we have mentioned above, back in July 2018 PUBG have a new update for the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In that particular update, they have added War Mode where players have added War Mode where the gamers were fighting in a small map. Apart from this, it has added clans as well as various other new features. That particular update has kept the players which have also helped draw in new people. Traditionally PUBG matches used to take place in a giant map where there were 100 of players. Here the War mode helps in quickening the pace along with a team-based mode which also needs a smaller map as compared to the large one. This is not like the traditional battle royale mode where players respawn after dying until and unless a team gets 100 points. In this feature, the clan mode in the mobile version has made it easier for the friends to easily team-up. Not only this but they can also team up and they can even work altogether in completing the clan challenges as well as climb ranks to unlock new rewards.  Additionally, a new achievement system has also been added to the PUBG Mobile which can easily unlock more items into the in-game features. Apart from this, there is also a new weapon as well as the SLR Sniper Rifle is also present in the version of the game. However, the same is available on the PC. So as you have seen if you are a PC user will be enjoying the upcoming feature very soon. Having said that without any official announcement, you have to take this news as a pinch of salt.