Pros And Cons Of Using A Power Bank

Power banks are a prominent gadget of the electronic industry. With the rapidly growing use of smartphones, power banks are in more demand now. No wonder they are a great help to this generation. Although they come with a wide range of benefits for the user one may ask if there are any disadvantages related to the power banks or not. To clear any such doubts, we shall guide you through the several benefits along with disadvantages concerned with the use of power banks. 


Phone remains charged in public

Your phone is probably the most used gadget in your hand. You may use it every day for long hours or important tasks. Therefore, if your phone dies while you are out, it may ruin your day. Therefore, a power bank ensures that your phone keeps charged while in public so you can move on with your everyday activities. 


Power banks have a portable design that allows them to be easily maneuvered and carried anywhere. Whether you are in a vehicle, restaurant or camping out in a jungle, power banks will always be there to keep your phone in working condition. 

Universal chargers

Power banks are not just to be used for phones. They are also compatible with laptops, tablets, and MacBooks. They can at once charge iPhone and android or any other device without a problem.

They’re inexpensive

Despite having numerous benefits, power banks are still inexpensive devices easily to reach to a common person. From as low as $8, you get a power bank that does its job as expected. However, some high performing power banks are also available for an additional cost. Every penny you spent is all worth it.

They can charge multiple devices at once

Power banks come with multiple charging ports that allow you to charge more than one device at a time without any compatibility issues. So, you don’t have to wait for others to remove their device to charge yours. You can purchase genuine power banks in Sri Lanka at for unbelievable prices.


Recharging requires a lot of time

Simply put, recharging power banks takes a very long time. Depending on your model, it may take somewhere between five to eight hours or sometimes more. So, if for some reason you don’t get time to recharge it fully, you may not be able to charge your phone when needed.

Few of them are bulky

Apart from some lightweight power banks, there are heavy ones available as well that might be too hard to carry. Power banks having capacity more than 2000 mAh often can’t fit in your backpacks or pockets. Also, they may act as a significant load to your shoulders.

Lower-end power banks may damage your device

Some very cheaply made or possibility fake power banks are heavily compromised on quality, build and performance. They usually don’t last very long and can cause your hard-earned money. Also, using them inappropriately can damage your device sometimes. 


Power banks will help in your everyday life and will let you keep going without worrying about your phone running out of charge. They are wonderful pieces of modern technology. Although they come with few disadvantages but still weigh more in favor of benefits. I hope this article will clear your doubts and thoughts about power banks.