There is this small invisible creature that stays in our pockets. They have a humungous appetite and love eating a special type of paper. The paper on which our notes are printed. Sometimes don’t you wish this was true? So that saving your money would be as easy as doing your laundry on time? Alas, it’s not some imaginary creature but you yourself from whom you need to guard your money. Now that’s an impossible job, but not anymore.

Everything You Should Know About Pocket Guard Personal Finance Apps of 2018

Pocket Guard helps you guard your hard earned money against yourself. This application other than being free of cost has a unique solution to budgeting. Pocket Guard focuses more on the future rather than the past in terms of saving money.

This easy to use and a user-friendly application has multiple features to make budgeting easy. The most interesting feature of this application is its unique hook on the question “Can you buy it?” This feature tells you whether or not you can buy the specific object according to your budget. Isn’t that solving 90 percent of your budgeting problems? And it doesn’t stop here.

Other than this unique feature this application manages all your resources in one place. Be it multiple bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards as well as loans can be put in and linked to your account in this application.

Having linked your financial resources to your pocket guard account it notes you’re in and outflows of money, checks your spending habits creates goals and does other such amazing tasks for you.

Along with this the important feature displayed by this application is great security.  128-bit SSL encoding protects all of your sensitive data. An additional 4-digit PIN ensures no one can access your financial data if the phone is lost or stolen and a read-only connection with your bank makes it impossible for anyone (you included) to move money from your bank account via Pocket Guard for all of the bank transactions, you will have to use a dedicated online banking app. Apart from that it also gives timely notifications for unaccounted money changes and other such situations.

All those spendthrifts reading this we just cut down all your excuses to start budgeting. And as long as you have an income (we’ll not question of what type) you are free to use this application.

Initially available only on iOS this application has also opened it’s inviting and helping arms for android users. For Android users, the compatible versions of this application vary with the version of android you’re using. You can figure it out on the play store link which we will be provided below. As far as Apple users are concerned the latest 3.8.1 version of this application needs a 10.0 and above version of iOS. This application is compatible with almost all Apple devices be it iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The link of this application is given below for both play store as well as App store. Now all you have to do is give it a tap.


Managing a 4.8 out of 5 rating on AppStore and 4.4 on PlayStore this new player in the field seems to be doing pretty well for itself and the users seem to be extremely satisfied by its result.

Giving it a 5 star rating Kimber says “Every transaction is placed into a specific category (in 9/10 cases it’s accurate) so you have a great insight on how much you have spent on coffee shops and books, on clothing and sports etc.

Having the full picture will help you to understand how do your spending habits look like now and how do you need to change them. To be honest, it was difficult to stay on budget even after a couple of months of using the app. I was really shocked when having seen my ‘in my pocket’ negative a week before the next month starts. I couldn’t believe I’d overspent with my credit card so much… PocketGuard won’t change your life, only you can do it. But this app is a great assistant who definitely makes this change go easier.”

The review on PC mag by Jill Duffy though doesn’t give such a promising picture the review mentions that this application can be used along with another financial applications and even says “PocketGuard is a personal finance app that attempts to give you unique insight into your personal finances in the here and now, but it simply isn’t as sophisticated or complex as your financial situation probably is, and, thus, it falls short.”

All we can say is every application has its ups and downs and every person has a different view about it. And if the application is free why not try and form your own opinion about it? It will definitely not spend more money than what is being spent now.