Peronio: Pop Up Book Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Peronio: Pop Up Book Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Kids of this generation are spoilt with choices. Gone are those days when pop up story books were the most fantastical thing we found. With the Peronio VR application a new era of “pop-up” is born. .

Everything You Should Know about Peronio: Pop Up Book Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

 This application tells you the story of a confused boy, Peronio, who doesn’t know what he wants in life. The game is designed in the form of a pop-up book with each chapter unfolding and explaining a new profession. Imagine that, a pop-up book on your normal device and guess what it actually ‘pops-up’!

This application of the future uses augmented reality to project interactive images to a flat surface and using your normal device such as mobile or tablet you can read the book as a virtual pop-up book. You think that’s the end of it? Think again. The features of this application get even more extraordinary if you own a Google Cardboard VR-headset or Gear VR. Yup you guessed it right this fancy pop-up book can be experienced in virtual reality mode too. Depending on the mode, either Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), you can use your hands or eyes to interact with the application. Can anything get better than this? You’re basically living in a story book and learning along the way.

You can meet Peronio on playstore or ITunes. This application is available for android, iOS and Samsung Gear VR devices and is compatible with tablets as well as smartphones. But the minimum requirement with iOS is it needs iOS 6.0 or later and for android you need version 4.1 and up. We’re sure you just can wait to meet and get started with Peronio and to make this meeting easier we have provided the Appstore, Occulus Gear as well as the playstore link below. All you have to do is tap and get started.


This game, suitable for all age group of kids, fascinates us all as it shows adulthood and different professions in a mesmerisingly magical manner we never thought of. Peronio does want to be a normal dentist; he wants to be a dentist for dragons as they have such pointy and sharp teeth. When he thinks of becoming an engineer his dads car turns into a spaceship. This game will not only entertain your children but also increase their curiosity about the different professions. This application will initiate your child’s thought process about the future in an extremely fun and creative manner. No longer will you have to have those boring “what do you want to do with life” conversations with them, the kids themselves will ask you about the professions and develop their own interests accordingly.

Peronio: Pop Up Book Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

An extremely satisfied Occulus user says “Amazing, I can’t wait for more chapters but for a review of the first chapter every page was really fun in VR and AR amazing effort keep up the good work”.

Another review by Mr. David in one of his blog mentions That flexibility is a big reason why the application is so interesting. You can just use the touchscreen of a tablet to see the digital version, or you can lay out an actual piece of physical paper and point your headset or tablet at it to watch it spring to life on the table itself.”

There you have it folks, a gateway to easy parenting, great future and well, a chance of experiencing a VR pop-up story book.