Palm’s little wonder is now official and soon it will be a sidekick to your smartphone. A California-based startup partnered with the Chinese company TCL, a few years ago, and took Palm brand from HP with a challenge of breathing a new life into it. While most of the other companies (you do have examples such as Lenovo overtaking Motorola, HMD taking Nokia brand) would have hurled into competing with the likes of Galaxies and iPhones. But the 1990s gadget made a return to be a ‘sidekick’ of all these smartphones that are just getting a bigger screen-size in the name of an upgrade.

The Best Sidekick You Can Have

Now, this is not just another phone. The tiny Palm is the ultimate sidekick running Android 8.1 Oreo. The device flaunts an LCD panel of 3.3 inches, which is reportedly sharp enough any mid-budget device. Considering a pixel density of 445 PPI, you cannot doubt its sharpness.

The Palm has a heavily customized home screen that looks similar to Apple Watch at the first look. There are round and big icons scattered all over the 3.3-inch screen space.

You do have the diversity of an Android device with Palm but not all the apps will work well on that small screen. Engadget reported that apps like Play Store that have too much information crammed in one screen are tedious in Palm.

Furthermore, some people might feel an issue in typing. Though Palm has a custom Fleksy keyboard built specially for that screen size, the typing can still have issues. However, double-click on the power button will open Google Assistant for you to avoid typing.

Mid Specifications

First, you have a decent 12 MP rear camera that will really impress you. Second, you have an 8 MP front-facing shooter. Another touch of premiums comes at the design when we find Gorilla Glass 3 design coupled with aluminum.

The phone is powered by Octa-core Qualcomm 435 along with a 3GB of RAM whereas 32GB of internal storage. In other words, it is just a sidekick, but a powerhouse. The phone, for now, is only exclusive to Verizon in the US. It is customized in a way that you can sync it with your primary phone and get notifications and messages on this one. Somewhat like an Apple Watch without wristbands. One drawback is that it will not sync with iMessages if you own an iPhone.

Everything Else from Palm

The device sports an 800mAh battery claimed to last eight hours per charge. It was hard to fit it a big battery with that small device. So users do have to deal with a small 800mAh sealed battery. But what’s more exciting is that the manufacturers have thought of it and that’s why incorporated ‘Life Mode’.

This is not just to save battery but a feature that thinks about your wellbeing. The Life Mode shuts off the entire wireless radio system and stops giving you any notifications of call or messages. The device also has to Face Unlock for security.


We think that this phone will grab some attention. The Palm manufacturers have actually managed to make a sidekick that is glamours and compelling. This can be a great start to get into the broad smartphone market and we would love to see more from Palm.