Bethesda has officially announced about the release of Doom, Doom II as well as Doom 3 to various platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4. The announcement was made at QuakeCon 2019. Both Doom and Doom II are now present on a couple of mobile platforms such as iOS as well as Android. If the users want to play them in their console, they can download it. As per the price is concerned, the price of the games is very cheap as compared to the other games. We are saying this because the price of Doom and Doom II is just $5. On the other hand, the price of Doom 3 is just $10.

As per the reports, Doom, Doom II as well as Doom 3 was about to go live for sale on 26th July 2019 but it was delayed and finally went live on sale the next day. The main reason behind the delay is that another previous version of Doom was removed from the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

Always remember that there is the total number of three Doom games and for this Xbox One will ask you to log in to a account. This idea seems that the company is going to lock the game into the online portal. Bethesda planning to keep it optional but as of now, it is not. The most surprising thing is that the Doom, Doom II as well as Doom 3 of Xbox 360 versions which were backward-compatible have also been removed from sale. This shows that the company wants the buyers to buy Xbox One which seems to be more expensive.

Earlier the users who bought the backward-compatible versions of Doom, Doom II as well as Doom 3 had faced an error and they were unable to access them. However, the company worked on this issue and the problem has been resolved. But these games will not be present on sale in the future. So if you are one who wants to buy specifically these games from Doom, make sure you purchase from Xbox One. This is because all the games from Xbox One are rumored to be compatible with Project Scarlett which is the upcoming console of Microsoft.

In India, both Doom as well as Doom II are now present in the Android in Google PlayStore and is priced at Rs 410 per game but if you purchase both the games at a time in the iOS App Store, it will cost Rs 399 each. The other levels are added with purchases that include Master Level Packs as well as Thy Flesh Consumed packs.

In India Quakecon sale will be going on till July 30. The Doom games along with various other games will be up at 80 percent discount.


Doom is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the launch of the Doom original. It was first launched in the year 1993 which introduced millions and millions of gamers to the advanced demon-slaying action. By playing this game the gamers can enjoy as well as have the experience the destruction by blasting those demons. These things made the game much more popular. Original Doom contains a total number of four episodes. As we mentioned above the users are also going to get the addition of Thy Flesh consumed expansion through which they will get nine action-packed levels as well.

Doom II

The users will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doom soon after the launch of Doom II. This version to the groundbreaking Doom provided the gamers with a brutal Super Shotgun forbearing to fight with the monsters, the infamous boss as well as the Icon of Sin. It is quite similar to the first version, the gamers have to shoot the objects in their paths. Doom II also includes Master Levels extra four stages which are specifically designed by the developers as well as its community.

Doom 3

Last but not least, here is the last version of the Doom collection. However, it is not the third part of the three. It is more of a remake of the original Doom. In this game, the gamers have to fight the battle with the help of a demon-infested facility just before getting into the abyss to fight in Hell’s mightiest warrior. Doom 3 includes The Lost Missions as well as the Resurrection of Evil expansions. The graphic of this game is much more advanced than Doom and Doom II. It gives a more horrific feel to the users.

 Another addition of Doom in the coming November of the year is Doom Eternal. This game is compatible for PC and will be the fastest running game among the above-mentioned versions of Doom and we all are eagerly waiting for it. Not only this, Doom Eternal will have a new story, multiplayer addition options as well as new enemies.