OnePlus has currently launched a teaser which says that it is marking March 3 for the launch of a new concept device. The caption of the all-new mysterious device says- 2020 is the year of surprises. This mysterious device starts in the video teaser which has been posted by OnePlus India. OnePlus India dropped the bomb with a surprise without giving any hint and left everyone wondering about these surprises. But we have got some rough ideas from the OnePlus UK.

In a few photos which have been posted by the OnePlus UK on Twitter, which shows some exciting features of the new device. It showed a close-up of what seems a high-grade camera that has been teased. According to the video posted by the OnePlus UK, it is apparently something which is not a smartphone, also it is pretty sure that it is also not any other product that will be commercially available right away. It is definitely a concept device from OnePlus.

The teaser by OnePlus UK’s Twitter account showed some macro shots of a camera which was surrounded by the metallic frames, it looks like a mini vault in a bank. There are inverted scissors also as shown in one of the photos, which is outlined by the glowing red frames which could be anything but a smartphone design, as we the audience is still not sure about what kind of device this could be. OnePlus has also announced that the year 2020 will be completely full of amazing surprises, but previous information is still missing by the leaks and renders to make even a wild guess.

OnePlus have already shown off the Concept One smartphone that is coming with the invisible cameras. A brief period on the OnePlus Concept One and were bedazzled by what OnePlus is churning out of its research and development, this has been searched out by the team. The company has already had a similar track record with photography-related which could be expected. So it is expected that this new device could be a DSLR, and if it comes to making a wild guess after all. Anyhow, this device would be the concept prototype that is not going into the market for sale.

Along with this, OnePlus is preparing to launch the OnePlus 8 series sometime in between March or April, according to the leaks are anything to go along by. The fear of Coronavirus is still persistent, but the OnePlus has announced and said that it will not defer its announcement dates for the OnePlus 8 series or they might launch the series online only. March 3, 2020 showcase by Oppo could also be used for the teaser of OnePlus 8 series, which is something that OnePlus has traditionally done for the past few launches of the smartphones.