Are you a car lover? Do sports cars always impress you on whole with their dazzling designs and insane speeds? Then the McLaren Automotive would definitely ring a bell.

The Chinese phone maker OnePlus has taken that dazzling design and insane speed thing from the makers of sports car 720S Spider to bring an impressive new edition of OnePlus 6T. Teaming up with McLaren, the company has updated the OnePlus 6T design with an orange, 10GB RAM, and have upgraded their already fast Dash Charge technology.

The new edition of OnePlus 6T will go live on sale tomorrow, December 13, in North America and Western Europe. It will then make its way to Indian, Chinese, and certain North European markets. The rounded-up edition is priced at $699 and £649.
While opening the box, you might feel awestruck with the carbon-fiber finish on the box.

Moreover, so much orange makes you feel that there will be a lot of oranges introduced in the design like McLaren’s 570S GT4 which represents McLaren’s carbon fiber and orange color best. However, the device has been cleverly kept simple and pretty much similar to the regular OnePlus 6T black design.

The glossy black back features a striped pattern and an orange rim is tucked under the glossy edges and bottom of the smartphones. The orange rim catches the light perfectly to give it a classy car design. There is a back panel that comes bundled with the device with a similar carbon-fiber finish. Notably, it is the same carbon fiber that McLaren uses on its cars. A glass-cased carbon-fiber McLaren logo is also packed in the box.

Apart from that, the box contains an orange themed braided cable and an orange-black charging brick. The accents of deep orange are everywhere from the phone to the charger to the small OTG cable in the box.

An Upgrade Of Style and (maybe) Speed

The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition takes a bump from 6GB and 8GB options to 10GB of RAM. This will give a gaming-level performance upgrade to the OnePlus device. According to the company, one thing that McLaren variant features better than everything else is something called “Warp Charge 30”. Notably, the original device originally had OnePlus’ fast charging technology known as “Dash Charge”. But this brings another level of phone charging with 30 watts of power that can give your OnePlus 6T a whole day’s juice in just a 20-minute charge.

However, we know how OnePlus’ Dash Charging claimed a day’s battery in just a 30-minute charge and how it failed on the CNET test. Though, the fast charging is indeed fast, but not as fast as the company claims. So we can expect some false claims again.

Buy it For the Luxury

OnePlus is known for releasing premium devices. This version of the OnePlus 6T is good if you can spend a few bucks on luxury. The device is priced at $699. We don’t think anyone besides car fans would take interest in the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. But just consider this- even though it’s luxurious and a flagship-android, it still costs way less than regular prices of Pixel 3. iPhone XS and Galaxy S9.