If your smartphone has been experiencing a serious battery draining issue then you might be wondering if something is wrong. It is all because of WhatsApp. Yes, WhatsApp is causing in some battery draining issues on Samsung, One Plus, Xiaomi and various other Android phones. Lots of users have been reported about it in social media. It is specifically the updated version of WhatsApp which has recently been rolled out a few days ago. The problem seems more serious on the One Plus phones. Lots of One Plus users have complained about it in Reddit, One Plus forums as well as in the Google Play Store which include those who use the recently launched One Plus 7T Pro, One Plus 7 Pro as well as the One Plus 7T which are running Android 9 Pie or Android 10 OS. A one plus 6 users posted in Reddit, “what on earth is going on with my battery life of my One Plus 6? I have has the phone since launch and this week I have noticed the battery has been draining a lot faster than usual.”

WhatsApp users have been facing this issue ever since the messaging app has introduced its long due fingerprint lock feature. Yes, we know that this new feature is provided with a sense of relief in terms of privacy, but it also comes up with all these issues. Now not only One Plus, Xiaomi as well as Google Pixel smartphone users are also facing significant battery drain because of the update. On the other hand, Samsung Flagships such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series as well as Samsung Galaxy  S10 series are also facing the same. As per the recent tweet by WABetaInfo, the app’s iOS version 2.19.112 is also facing the battery draining issue more than usual, “in particular, battery usage reports high usage of the app in backgrounds.” To this, another user responded along with a screenshot of the battery usage statistics on his or her iPhone 11 Pro Max. In the screenshot, it was showing that WhatsApp has consumed 40 per cent of the battery for the background activity.

Many tech experts suggest that the updated version is the only reason for the bug. And the users who are facing the issue need to uninstall their WhatsApp and then reinstall as this could help address the problem. In case the users are still facing the problem even after reinstalling it then they should try to use the beta version until and unless WhatsApp comes up along with a patch. However, you can even enable battery save which will help in restricting WhatsApp notifications but also improves the battery life of your mobile. Apart from this, WhatsApp has also introduced the dark theme in the beta version of the app. Dark theme is quite similar to the night blue colour of the WhatsApp 2.19.327 version. The facebook-owned messaging app has made various changes to the dark theme in the past few beta updates. However, it is yet to be released. When the dark theme will be rolled out, the app will be adding a Theme option in the settings menu to toggle dark theme. In the theme section, you will be noticing various themes.