One Plus 7T is back in the news once again. But the news is something different this time. The date of launch of the One Plus 7T Pro has been leaked out. With the second half of the year, the brand has been involved in the launch of ‘T’ variant and they are One Plus 3T, One Plus 5T as well as One Plus 6T. And in the year 2019, nothing new has been expected, there is a news of the rumoured launch of One Plus 7T Pro. As per reports as well as the past launches, the launch of the upcoming feature phone of One Plus is expected to be launched in the month of October. The news has been going viral when the live photos of the One Plus were leaked out. Having said that the expected date of launch is the 15th of October.

As per the recent tweet by a Samsung focused tipster, named Max J with the Twitter Handle @Samsung_News_, the upcoming phone by One Plus which is One Plus 7T Pro is going to be launched on 15th of October. If you can recall the brand always launch their upcoming phones in the month of October or November itself. So this year, they are going to follow the same trend. One Plus 3T was launched in the month of November, One Plus 5T was also launched in the month of November as well as One Plus 6T has been launched in October. But if you are wondering that where is One Plus 4T then let us tell you that 4 is considered as unlucky as per the Chinese traditions. So they direct jumped from One Plus 3T to One Plus 5T respectively.

As we already mentioned above, the launch date of One Plus 7T Pro has been leaked due to the two different live images last week. In the first photo, it has been seen that the design of the One Plus 7T Pro is quite similar to the One Plus 7 Pro. The first photo only showed the smartphone from the front side and the display design is in the curved form in the edges which is same as One Plus 7 Pro. The phone does not have any kind of notch in the display which easily means that the phone would be featuring a pop-up selfie camera like its previous version.

On the other hand, the second image showed the phone both from the back as well as the front side. There is no such special about it and the only thing which was noticeable is that it showed a triple rear camera set up in the rear panel which is again similar to One Plus 7 Pro. Now let us have a look on the full specifications of One Plus 7T Pro.

One Plus 7T Pro Specifications

As we have mentioned above about the expected date of launch there are no such reports about the date of launch in India. But if we see about the past records of the company, the phone may be launched in India just after a week of the global launch. So we can say that it is expected to be launched in India in the last week of October. However, the company has not confirmed its official date of launch yet.

The brand has not revealed about the specifications of the One Plus 7T but it is likely said that the phone will be featuring similar features as that of One Plus 7. But as per reports, it has also been revealed that the company may upgrade the SoC on the One Plus 7T  which will be in Snapdragon 855 Plus. The display of the smartphone will be featured with 90hz display along with in-display fingerprint sensor, pop-up camera as well as triple rear cameras. The most important thing which has been revealed that the design will be completely similar to the One Plus 7 Pro but it will be the upgraded version of the One Plus 7 Pro. Rumours also revealed that the specs will be much bigger than the One Plus 7 Pro and it will be featuring with upgraded cameras both back as well as the front. The size of the battery will also be bigger as compared to the One Plus 7 Pro.

Not only this but also the brand is expected to launch its first-ever smart TV which will be named as One Plus TV. As per the rumours, the smart TV is being expected to launch by September. Having said that, the smart TV will be featured in various variants where some of the models will be having OLED panel. But as of now the brand has only said that they are working on the smart TV but has not revealed any details.

So these are the specifications of the One Plus 7T  Pro which has been revealed so far. The other specifications are yet to be revealed and we expect that the specifications will be quite similar.