The upcoming mid-range phone of HMD Global is Nokia 8.2 that is now preparing to launch as per the leaked reports. But the date of the launch is yet unclear. According to the source, there are some special specifications which were recently leaked. Basically, Nokia 8.2 is the latest version of Nokia 8.1 which was sold in the Indian market last year. The price of Nokia 8.1 is Rs 19,999.

The sources have also leaked out some more information about the Nokia 8.2 handset. The Nokia 8.2 is the first-ever smartphone of the brand in the market to have the pop-up selfie camera. Earlier One Plus and various other brands’ mobiles used to have a pop-up camera design. Along with this, it will come with a 32MP sensor of front camera. This feature will specifically help in stretching the screen and make it look more appealing.

One more key feature of Nokia 8.2 is it might contain Android Q. It is basically the next version of Google’s OS which is currently running in beta form in certain mobiles. Hopefully, we are expecting the launch of this phone at the end of the year.

In terms of storage, Nokia 8.2 will come with 8GB RAM as well as 256 GB storage capacity. As for the processor, it might be powered with Snapdragon 735  SoC which is yet unreleased. The device which will be having Snapdragon 735 SoC will be designed by using a 7nm fabrication procedure. It has an octa-core unit which is quite similar to Snapdragon 855.

The biggest plus point of Snapdragon 735 SoC is that the processor will be having 5G connectivity. Starting from the premium to mid-range mobiles with Snapdragon 735 SoC will be extremely cost-effective but at the same time high-quality chipset.

As for the design, the Nokia 8.2 is expected to have the glass back similar to Nokia 8.1. The price of the smartphone is still not revealed but we expect it under Rs 34999. Two other models of Nokia, i.e., Nokia 6.2 as well as Nokia 7.2 were also rumored to be launched in both India and Russia.

As you already know that Nokia 8.1, which is the predecessor of Nokia 8.2 was launched India in the year 2018. It was under Android One with Snapdragon 710 SoC. The reason behind the highest sale of Nokia 8.1 is its Android One experience as well as its stylish screen. Let us look at the specifications of Nokia 8.1 through which you can get some idea about Nokia 8.2.

Nokia 8.1 Specifications

Nokia 8.1 features 6.39 inches IPS screen with FHD+ (1080*2246 Pixels). It is powered by Snapdragon 660 SoC processor with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Design of Nokia 8.1

The Nokia 8.1 comes with a glass back similar to Nokia 7.1 which gives the users a premium experience. The phone facilitates the wireless charging and it is wrapped all around the edges. Here the users will get two color tone anodized frame such as Blue/Silver, Iron/Steel as well as Steel/Copper combinations which looks extremely classy.

It has 154.8 * 75.8 *8mm dimensions which make easier for most of the users to hold the phone as it comes at 180g.

The screen of Nokia 8.1

One of the most attractive elements of Nokia 8.1 is its display screen. It comes with the 2280*1080 with 408ppi of pixel density. As it is quite similar to FHD+ but it is a bit larger in size.  This FHD+ screen will help in making the screen look sharp as well as crisp.

The software of Nokia 8.1

The phone comes in Android One software which we have already said is the main selling point. This software will provide the user with a quality Android experience. It also does not have any pre-installed bloatware as such. The Android One software is basically the Android 9.0 version which gives you the light user experience.

Performance of Nokia 8.1

The phone is powered by Snapdragon 710 SoC with 4GB of RAM. The gaming experience of Nokia 8.1 is quite good considering some flaws in regular usages. It contains 64GB built-in storage and the users can also enter 400GB microSD card in the second SIM. The performance of call and speaker of the phone is also very good and did not give any problems. It also contains a mono speaker but it provides a good volume.

Camera Quality of Nokia 8.1

It comes with a pair of rear cameras where the primary camera comes with the 12MP sensor, on the other hand, the secondary camera comes with a 13MP sensor. The lenses are provided by Zeiss. Zeiss is a famous name in the photography world. The camera of Nokia 8.1 has various other AI capabilities where the users can detect the screen while they are shooting.

Battery Life

Nokia 8.1 comes with 3500 mAh cell. If you are addicted to social media platforms, you can use it freely in just a single charge a day which is quite impressive. Hopefully, Nokia 8.2’s battery life will be much more good. Apart from this, it also has fast charging support. On the end note, Nokia 8.1’s battery life is very strong.

 So as you came to know about the specification of Nokia 8.1 there are both positive as well as negative points in terms of features. However, by seeing the feature of Nokia 8.1, we can predict that Nokia 8.2 will come with more advanced performance and additionally provide a good user experience.

As per the reports, we also came to know that the brand is working on 5G android phones and so we expect Nokia to be launched in 5G variant. However, we are not yet confirmed as it is just the leaked information.