ColorFIT 2 has been recently launched by a Gurgaon based tech company known as Noise. ColoFIT 2 is basically a fitness band which is featured with an advanced display as well as the user interface. It is quite similar to Honor Band 4 as well as Xiaomi Mi Band 3. We will compare Noise ColorFIT 2 with its previous version later on. But for now, let us discuss all the brand new Noise ColorFIT 2 smart fitness band.

Price and availability of Noise ColorFIT 2 In India

The ColorFIT 2 fitness band from Noise is priced at Rs 1,999 and is available in the country. People can buy it from eCommerce stores such as Amazon and There is three color variation available in the fitness band and they are Midnight Black, Twilight Blue as well as Dusk Pink.

Noise ColorFIT 2

As per the competition is concerned, the Mi Band 3 from Xiaomi along with the colour display is also priced at Rs 1,999. The people can get it from the official website of Xiaomi. On the other hand Honor Band, 4 is available in the Indian market and is priced at Rs 2,599. The fitness band from Samsung, i.e., Samsung Galaxy Fit e smart band costs at Rs 2,499. All of these fitness bands are available for purchase at Flipkart.

Features and Specification of Noise ColorFIT 2

ColorFIT 2 is featured with a 0.96 inch- LCD display screen which has 160 * 80 pixels of resolutions and 186ppi of pixel density in it. The fitness band from Noise is capable of supporting all the notifications of a smartphone such as text, calls, Facebook and WhatsApp notifications. Not only this but also notifications which come from Skype, Gmail, and various other apps will also be displayed on to the display screen.

Talking about the compatibility, ColorFIT 2 fitness band from Noise is compatible with both iOS as well as Android platforms. The users have to install NoiseFIT Sport app to get connected into their mobiles. This fitness tracker is efficient enough to track up to 14 sports. The band features a built-in activity tracker which helps in counting the steps a person takes a day, hours of sleep as well as 24-hour heart rate monitor. When the goal is completed, the user will get a reminder in the device.

 One of the unique features of Noise ColorFIT 2 band is that it has an optional menstrual cycle tracker especially made for women. It will help the females to have a check on their period records so that no guesswork is required. The weight of Noise ColorFIT 2 is just 20 grams and it is IP68 certified for dust as well as water resistance. But one of the negative thing that we found that the Gurgaon based company has not mentioned anything about battery life.

Now let us have a look at the specifications and the features of its previous version named Noise ColorFIT Pro to get an idea about its improvement in features.

Noise ColorFIT Pro Specifications


Noise ColorFIT Pro comes with a big square-shaped dial which gives more like a feel of Apple Watch. On the backside of the display, the band is attached with a sporty blue and black hue and the strap is made of silicone. It also has adjustment options which can enable it to get adjusted even in the smallest wrists. The fitness band is extremely lightweight and is detachable from both sides. 

For charging the user has to place the band on the cradle by making sure that both the pins touch the rest of the two on the cradle.


ColotFIT Pro comes with a 1.22-inch vibrant display IPS LCD which has a resolution of 340 * 240. The screen also has an anti-scratch tempered corning gorilla glass 5. The size of the screen is bigger which helps in providing better readability and also has waterproof IP68 features in it. The display screen is extremely bright and clear and can be easily seen even under the bright sunlight. It is featured with customized watch face and provides data of running, walking, playing different sports, skipping and cycling.


As per the reports, it does not provide the exact step count reports which are a negative point here. Apart from this, the detailed graphical data provided by the band is neat and clear and also easily understandable. The good part about this band is that you can even use it under the shower.


Noise ColorFIT Pro is also compatible with iOS and Android. The users can pair it up easily with their devices. But here they need to install Da Fit application in their mobile. The app is great as it does not ask to login, unlike any other app. Once you are done with connectivity, you will get the tracking options.

So these are the specifications of both the fitness bands and we fill that the ColorFIT 2 fitness band is more advanced than its predecessors as it has separate tracking option for women.