Fortnite Chapter two is all around in the headlines this week and there is also a report about the leak of Season 1 Battle 1 trailer which has provided a clear image of what to expect when Fortnite returns. Having said that this game was kept offline for about 24 hours. Most of the players are expecting quite a lot from the Fortnite Season 11 and we are also sure enough that this game is not going to disappoint us. The trailer of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been uploaded by a leaker in the Twitter handle by hinting towards a newly revealed map which is going to replace the old islands. This old island has been reduced to nothingness by FYI by a black hole on Sunday. On the other hand, the newly revealed map is featured with all points of interest as well as locations. The leaked trailer of Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass seems very colourful as well as vibrant which implies that the developers have worked very hard for doing this visual upgrade. They have introduced various activities on the water in Season 1 such as swimming as well as fishing which clearly indicates that there is surely going to have some sort of boat battles in the game.

Not only this but also the trailer revealed some newly launched emotes as well as skins which include a medic skin. This perfect pairs up with the capacity in carrying downed team members which are to be revived elsewhere. On the other hand, the water elemental skin introduced in the theme will more focus all across the water. There are also some reports which mentioned that there is some pogo stick in action and in a particular scene it was shown that the teammates high five at the end.

The leaked trailer also revealed the introduction of a new progression system for playing which include scavenger as well as survival medals which is to be earned for helping the players in moving through the Battle Pass ranks after finishing all the activities. The gamers can also be able to increase their levels by finishing various other non-violence activities all across the world like fishing with friends. Apart from these twists, various other updates have also been done about the designs for chests as well as ammo boxes. Through this feature, the gamers can now be able to hide in barrels as well as dumpsters for trying and getting a drop on their opponents.

Apart from this it is not yet known what other features will be introduced by the Fortnite Chapter 2 but as per the reports, it is heard that the game will be released by the end of this week. As we all know that Fortnite’s The nd event was viewed by more than 6 million people all across the world. And through this, we are pretty sure enough that with the launch of Chapter 2, it is going to be superhit in the gaming market with the mind-boggling performance. Let us discuss it more in details:

Fortnite Chapter Two

As we all know that Fortnite is one of the biggest biggest video games since an era and we cannot deny the fact. The game was launched in the year 2017 and the gamers have got engaged in this free to play battle royal game. So all the battle royale games are being played in just a single map which we call it as the island. And with the latest update, there has been made some tweak and has added some fun, blend of shooting style, cartoon style as well as building mechanism. There is also a campaign mode featured in this game which is known as Sabe The World.

The game is going t arrive in its upgraded version. The gamers have seen a leaked video where a massive black hole which has destroyed the island map which has lead to the shut down all the servers of the game. We expect this is an intentional task. Through this, it has ended the long-winded sci-fi plot and the important news is that the game has gone finally and it is going to make a comeback. Fortnite Chapter Two Season 1  is going to come with some refreshing changes which mean that there will be some diversifying changes in the content of the map, emotes as well as skins.

Having said that the game is now available on the website for downloading but you can be able to download the fresh one. Meanwhile, the gamers can view a group of streamers which is testing the new island map of the game as well as the Battle Pass on a Twitter handle of an expert.

The gamers can download the game now and the total size of the Fortnite Chapter Two is 5.27 GB for the mobile version and for 14.96 for the PC version as well as 13 GB for the consoles.

New Gameplay, map and BOATS

In the upcoming version, we are going to view a pesky black hole which is a brand new island which is to be played in 13 areas. These areas are featured with water which includes lake, beaches and seas. Apart from these, there are mountains.


There are various motorboats presents for zooming as well as shooting which will provide ways for navigation. There is a particular part of the island which reminds about the Savage Map in PUBG. A savage map is all about the boat based war.


There are also some arsenal weapons and this is done to keep the things simple with the arrival of Season One.

High-Quality Graphics

The developers have also worked a lot along with the visual upgrade. The entire graphics has been designed with a vivid view which makes it look like a brand new game.

So let us wait for the game to get released on the web and we are sure that this is going to be a great rival of the PUBG as it has come with the advanced features.