Netflix has the ton of secret movie categories and here’s how to access them

As we all know that Netflix has taken huge popularity within recent years and therefore is being considered as topmost content providing platform that has a unique concept and amazing channel for the users. Netflix also has the hidden categories which are the secret to better binging, friends. The huge amount of content that is on being Netflix can get pretty unwieldy and luckily there is the secret, a better way for browsing the swaths of mediocre title on the streaming service to get to what the user is looking for. 

It can be pretty overwhelming to sort through the vast number of movies and the TV shows or the web series available on Netflix. While there is a lot of stuff available on Netflix nowadays to entertain the user as per their perspective. There are also lots of movies and TV shows which a person should never spend time watching in. The good news about Netflix is that it has the secret master list of categories that are much more niche-focused than the big buckets like action, romance, drama or documentaries or biography, etc.

Early last month, we all have been reminded that there are hundreds of secret categories this platform that the company on uses internally for better organizing its ever-growing content library. The regular Netflix interface on computers and mobile or smart TV apps only gives the users access to the top level of categories like drama.

But what is more important than people do not realize is that there are nearly 20 hidden categories which are buried within the Drama categories, such as teen drama, political drama, and many more. Using these hidden categories will let you narrow down your search so it is quite easier to find the content that you are in the mood to watch. Have you ever spent hours browsing Netflix only to end up not even picking the movie? Then, you are not the only one to experience what we like to call “ONS” which stands for overwhelming Netflix selection. There is a lot of totally new awesome way to find out the movies and TV shows to watch and all thanks go to these freshly leaked secret Netflix codes.

Secret Netflix Codes

Netflix uses these secret codes  (do not confuse with the Netflix promo codes those are actually the codes that help us save on our subscription) for organizing content and help the users to choose the right movie based on likes, viewing history, actors, actresses and billions of more to give you the curated feel when selecting the movie.

By using these secret codes, the users can view Netflix in an entirely new way. Now, you will be able to find the hidden movies from various sub generates which the app would not normally allow you to see and it is super easy to do so, we will be breaking it all down so that the users  will be able to discover the new content with these codes in just a matter of minutes. As it has been discovered “What’s on Netflix”, there is a way to access all these hidden categories to help you to figure out what to watch. You will have to watch them with the help of the browser on your desktop, as the user will have to type the codes in the address bar.

How to access the secret codes?

For example, 25804 is the code for military TV shows, then the user just has o go to the URL and type the code (25804) at the end of the URL and they will get the complete list of all the TV shows that fall under that category. To access those TV shows, you will have to sign in into your account. Some other interesting categories that you may find are Zombie, horror movies: 75405, quirky romance: 36103, dark comedies: 869, Disney: 67673, TV comedies: 10375, Political thrillers: 10504, etc. Therefore, by using these codes, the user can access the entire list of that particular format.


Hope this guide to Netflix secret code might have made you clear about how to access the secret codes and will help you to access the best and your choice TV show or movie or anything else that user want in a very simple manner.