Apple watches have been gaining exponential popularity since they came into the market. These small little smartwatches connect with your Apple devices to give you several functionalities to manage your calls, notifications, messages, and fitness goals as well.  With amazing must-have apps for apple watch, you can also convert your tiny little smartwatch into a device that can accompany you in making your daily life easier and more efficient with ease. Further, they can not only aid you in managing your device there are also amazing apps out there that will help you stay in track with your fitness goal, keep an eye on your heart beats and calories you burn as well.

Must-have apps for Apple watch

If you are someone who loves to make the best out of their gadgets and devices, then carrying a few essential amazing apps in your apple watch can give you great help in managing your daily life. Apple watches not only helps you in managing the functionality of your device; it can do much more than that. To install applications on your apple watch, you need to open the Apple Watch App in your IOS device; in this, you’ll get many amazing applications to choose from to increase the functionality of your watch. Here are a few amazing must-have apps for apple watch to make your daily life easier.

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CARROT Weather

Getting a raincheck just before you start the day can be a great way to be prepared for the day ahead and carry an umbrella just in case! The Carrot weather apps help you to do just that; this is one of the most popular apps used by the users owning apple watches. This application helps in giving a heads up about the regular temperature and also predicts thunderstorms and rain. This is one of the most basic apps which can help you in a number of ways. This makes this simplistic application a must-have for apple watches. 


Are you bad with directions and usually tend to forget your way, then city mapper can be the perfect app to have installed in your apple watch for your rescue. This app is designed to help its users to navigate through public transport through ease by guiding you in navigation on each step efficiently. Further, this application also gives you full information about the arrival and departure of the public transport as well to aid you in catching a ride on time, which makes this application a must-have addition for everyone out there.


For those who swear by their daily planner, Fantastical is an amazing tool to have as it aids you in making a foolproof schedule for the day to navigate through. This application is basically a calendar app that helps its users to create a schedule and plan their day ahead of the time. Further, it also gives notifications and reminders to help you be a taskmaster and keeps track of important dates. So with a variety of utility and functionalities, this is also a must-have watch for apple owners.

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Microsoft Translator

If you enjoy traveling often, the Microsoft Translator is just the right language assistant you need in your apple watch to aid you in having a travel experience worth remembering. This tool can help you in translating texts from different languages to your own and vice versa. This is an amazing feature and helps in effective communication while you’re at a place where people speak different languages. Hence this app is an amazing tool to help you with different languages for creating effective communication across the borders.


Runtastic is one of the best apps for apple watch fitness. This can be an amazing lifesaver if you are a fitness enthusiast since it keeps track of all the activities while you are out in a run all you need to do is just put in on, and it will track the distance you covered as well. Along with the calories, you’ve burnt and comparison with your past performance as well. Hence this is the ultimate fitness app to count on if you love to keep track of your fitness goals.


Music is an important part of life, and everyone out there spends a considerable amount of their day listening to music. With Shazam’s application, your apple watch can easily cater to your musical thirst by playing songs. This application has an amazing huge database of the music in them and is one of the most popular applications out there for apple devices. In this application, you can also create your own personal library as well as your all-time favorites. Hence this is also one of the most important apps among the list of apps for Apple watch to download.

Water Minder

Although all the gym experts and fitness enthusiasts shout their lungs out about the importance of drinking water. However, for some of us to keep track of water intake is just next to impossible. But with amazing apps for apple watch fitness like Water Minder, you can keep track of water intake very easily. Also, this app reminds you to keep drinking water throughout the day as well. Hence this is also another amazing app for tracking your water intake in order to maintain your health and wellness.

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To wrap it up with the right tools, your apple watch can become your savior with ease. As it does not only help you in managing your apple device but with the must-have apps for apple watch, it can help you giving the right direction to your fitness as well. With proper applications, you can transform your watch easily into a lifestyle assistant. So, download applications from the list of apps for apple watch mentioned above and make the best out of your apple watch with ease.